The Closing Ceremony, cheese…and home

5th August 2016 by Buff

Friday evening saw us all wearing red – Welsh tops, Welsh onsie’s, dragon suits – and heading off in the sub-camp parade towards the main arena for the closing ceremony. Our week was coming to a close – a great venue, a well organised jamboree, we made some new friends (1st Eye), we bumped into some old friends (Sue, Jo, Stuart)…and I am sure that we will be back.

04_IMG_2902 03_IMG_2905 02_IMG_2907

The closing ceremony saw the Camp Chief and the County Commissioner officially close the camp before the live music began….and here’s Bronwin!


The evening ended with a tradition at FreeSpirit – a serious “cheese” party. Many cheeses, a choice of regular biscuits, chocolate digestives, jaffa biscuits…and a first, chocolate waffles! Our new friends from 1st Eye joined us until lights out around midnight.

Saturday saw us drop the camp, pack everything into our van and trailer…and head for home.

A fantastic camp…many thanks to all that attended. See you in September.

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Pool party, a segway roll and a “small” jump!

5th August 2016 by Buff

Friday – our last full day of activities and the sun was shinning….so we grabbed our swim kit and headed off to the swimming pool for the “pool party”. Here we played frisbee, pool rugby and pool rounders and then enjoyed a free slush drink!

From the pool we headed off to the activity field for “extreme craft! various knotting challenges, origami, power knitting, chocolate and fritters!

After lunch we headed into the woods for Bushcraft – fire starting, shelter building and an interesting challenge involving purifying water in the field without man-made filters.

30_IMG_2600 31_IMG_2598


The bar was then raised with segway racing…Buff managed to “completely roll” a segway, Ella seemed to ride her own course, but all agreed it was a great activity.

16_IMG_2750 17_IMG_2729 18_IMG_2738 19_IMG_2734 20_IMG_2718 21_IMG_2715 22_IMG_2713 23_IMG_2706 24_IMG_2700


Zorb wars was a battle of strength and stamina with all of us enjoying bouncing off each other, the floor and the course and an activity in which Jack excelled!

12_IMG_2795 13_IMG_2778 14_

…and then the finale of the week. The big jump from many meters high, into a massive “paper bag”.

05_IMG_2821 06_IMG_2870 07_IMG_2874 08_IMG_2878 09_IMG_2884 10_IMG_2893 11_IMG_2896

25_IMG_2657 26_IMG_2645 27_IMG_2627 28_IMG_2614 28_IMG_2628



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Tingle and Lube!

4th August 2016 by Buff

Thursday evening saw successful “manoeuvres” by Team Lube and Team Tingle…if you are in the know, then you understand what we mean!

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It’s a Knockout

4th August 2016 by Buff

Thursday saw us a few minutes walk away from the main site – Pike’s Pond, for a sub-camp It’s a Knock-out competition against the entire sub-camp. Team Daffyd’s Devils warmed up and then competed in 6 main obstacle races over the day.

32_IMG_2587 33_IMG_2584 34_IMG_2579 35_IMG_2568 36_IMG_2564 37_IMG_2560

39_IMG_2431 40_IMG_2435 41_IMG_2448 41_IMG_2456 42_IMG_2465 43_IMG_2472 43_IMG_2486 44_IMG_2497 44_IMG_2501 45_IMG_2512 46_IMG_2520 46_IMG_2532 48_IMG_2539



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Conga and a neon beach party

3rd August 2016 by Buff

Our great day was not over…following a tea of meatballs and pasta, it was time to get into party kit.

Welsh flag dresses,  onsies, kilts, Welsh afro wigs, dragon suits….and lots of Neon face paint.

The conga then started from our pitch, throughout the entire camp to the main arena… The happening unit had arrived and the cheasy party dancing could start.












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Alton Towers…What a day!!!

3rd August 2016 by Buff

Up very early today (6am), breakfasted…and now currently sitting on a coach heading for Roller-coaster heaven!

500 Scouts arrived at Alton Towers with the aim of achieving speed, screams and a great day…roller coaster heaven delivered!

Galatica,  13, Rita, Nemesis and The Run-away Train were ticked off by lunch time.




White Water Rapids, Oblivion and Smiler after lunch…Smiler, OMG! Brilliant!!






Many more photos to come…when better Wifi allows.

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Tree Top Challenge & a ladder!

2nd August 2016 by Buff

Our afternoon saw the unit split into different groups continuing with various adventurous activities… A Tree Top assault course, followed by climbing a massive ladder.

DSC_0056 DSC_0060








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Climbing and Archery

2nd August 2016 by Buff

We awoke to steady drizzle… But, fortified with another awesome breakfast from Team Lard – bacon and pancakes,  and we headed over to the activity zone for some climbing followed by some Archery.







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Further culture….the Turban Twins

1st August 2016 by Buff

The final part of our culture experience… I don’t believe Asia will be the same again!


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Culture and a poo!

1st August 2016 by Buff

Today has been spent on site – world issues, culture,  rhythm and dance. Imagine the scene… Our intrepid Free Griff boys and girls doing the moves to Saturday Night Fever, and Zorba’s theme! Photos/videos to follow.

We followed this by learning Chinese fan dancing.


And this is our favourite site wagon!



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