It’s a Knockout

Thursday saw us a few minutes walk away from the main site – Pike’s Pond, for a sub-camp It’s a Knock-out competition against the entire sub-camp. Team Daffyd’s Devils warmed up and then competed in 6 main obstacle races over the day.

32_IMG_2587 33_IMG_2584 34_IMG_2579 35_IMG_2568 36_IMG_2564 37_IMG_2560

39_IMG_2431 40_IMG_2435 41_IMG_2448 41_IMG_2456 42_IMG_2465 43_IMG_2472 43_IMG_2486 44_IMG_2497 44_IMG_2501 45_IMG_2512 46_IMG_2520 46_IMG_2532 48_IMG_2539



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