Pool party, a segway roll and a “small” jump!

Friday – our last full day of activities and the sun was shinning….so we grabbed our swim kit and headed off to the swimming pool for the “pool party”. Here we played frisbee, pool rugby and pool rounders and then enjoyed a free slush drink!

From the pool we headed off to the activity field for “extreme craft! various knotting challenges, origami, power knitting, chocolate and fritters!

After lunch we headed into the woods for Bushcraft – fire starting, shelter building and an interesting challenge involving purifying water in the field without man-made filters.

30_IMG_2600 31_IMG_2598


The bar was then raised with segway racing…Buff managed to “completely roll” a segway, Ella seemed to ride her own course, but all agreed it was a great activity.

16_IMG_2750 17_IMG_2729 18_IMG_2738 19_IMG_2734 20_IMG_2718 21_IMG_2715 22_IMG_2713 23_IMG_2706 24_IMG_2700


Zorb wars was a battle of strength and stamina with all of us enjoying bouncing off each other, the floor and the course and an activity in which Jack excelled!

12_IMG_2795 13_IMG_2778 14_

…and then the finale of the week. The big jump from many meters high, into a massive “paper bag”.

05_IMG_2821 06_IMG_2870 07_IMG_2874 08_IMG_2878 09_IMG_2884 10_IMG_2893 11_IMG_2896

25_IMG_2657 26_IMG_2645 27_IMG_2627 28_IMG_2614 28_IMG_2628



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