Farewell CamJam!

6th August 2011 by Jim

After a leisurely start to the morning, a big boy breakfast was heartily enjoyed by all and then we were straight into the packing up of site. Kit was packed into bags and boxes, Bertha and the leaders tents were expertly packed away into the bags provided (yes Mike, the leaders tent does fit into the bag!). Once the van was loaded, we realised we were approximately two hours ahead of schedule :-). Not bad really.

Although the organisation from the CamJam team was not what we have come to expect, and we ended up flooded at one stage, we all left with fond memories of the camp, arriving back in Wales 1½ hours early.

Many thanks to all the Explorers for the effort you put in to help the week run smoothly for all of us. See you all in September!


P.S. Don’t forget your deposits for Lochgoilhead 2012 🙂


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Off Site Activities

5th August 2011 by Jim

CamJam 2011On waking up this morning, I was greeted by Laura and Jennie sleeping in our mess tent. Laura informed me that it was due to the fact there was a “huge” bug in their tent. Jennie was still curled up in her sleeping bag, and there was no waking her. So “somebody” took the opportunity to tie her down to the chairs she was using as a bed and, with the help of some other people, carry her out to sleep next to the paddling pool. It was at this point that a few of the Explorers believed she should get out of bed, so pans were banged inches from her head. To everyone’s surprise, Jennie didn’t even move. She was still dead to the world! This called for more dramatic methods, and so water was deployed onto her face, with much more effective results! In a daze, and extremely confused Jennie queried “Where am I? Why can’t move?” to raucous laughter from everyone around!

CamJam 2011 CamJam 2011 CamJam 2011

Once Jennie had been released, we began our last day of programmed activities at CamJam 2011. Today was the day of Off Site activities for us. The tickets for all the activities arrived last night so, after breakfast was out the way, we dished out the activity tickets and sent the Explorers off to Bell Boating, Windsurfing, Canoeing etc whilst the leadership team took the time to chill out around site.

During the afternoon, a sheet of paper was deposited in our tent to inform us of the arrangements for the evenings Closing Ceremony. It included such outrageous statements as “no tall flags allowed” causing outrage amongst our camp, with 2 beautifully adorned tall flags ready for this specific purpose! Apparently there are high voltage electric cables over the entrance to the main stage, but this didn’t seem to phase anyone at the Opening Ceremony!

As the afternoon drew to a close, and everyone had made their way back to site, we got the dinner sorted just in time to head down to the Closing Ceremony. After 10 minutes, it was over and the final of CamJam’s Got Talent got underway. A little disappointing for a Closing Ceremony, but our lot made the most of the rest of the evening enjoying the entertainment from the Talent team and the disco that followed partying long into the night, and making sure they took full advantage of our last night at CamJam.

IMG_7505.jpg IMG_7500.jpg IMG_7497.jpg

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4th August 2011 by Bomb Squad

Hmmm, the weather turned this morning…… And a rather large handbrake turn it was!!!! Zeus or Triton, not sure which, spent most of the day weeing through a sieve(idge) upon us!

This was tolerated by the team until the fast floodidge which destroyed the tent flooridge!!!


This prompted Bomb Squadidge, Philidge, Rhysidge, Frodoidge and Richidge to dig a rather large ditch to drain the water….along with the Site Services ASBO Squad….when they finally turned up…..the Jessie’s!!

IMG_7454 IMG_7460 IMG_7456

The ditch is a vision of beauty…..if you were born at the Somme!! 😉 We can’t decide whether to call it Tom, Dick or Harry.

Ditchidge has now been drained by tractor and pumpidge, and the H2O from above has goneidge.


The ale needs a leader.

Love and Peace
Bomb Squad(idge)

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Jennie Again!

3rd August 2011 by Explorers

After the girls woke up at 5am for a shower, Abbie woke up rather excited as it was her 15th birthday. After a big boy breakfast cooked by Laura and Jennie, we went off to do craft activities, which included glass engraving, donut making, woggle workshop and pyrography.

IMG_7355 IMG_7343 IMG_7359

IMG_7395 IMG_7347

After activities we headed back to our subcamp, where we had a paddling pool bought the previous day by the leaders. After an hour of gentle paddling, bomb squad disappeared into his tent and appeared 5 minutes later wearing a pair of aviator sunnies and completed the look with a cigar in his mouth.


A ferocious game of ‘dunking’ everyone in the pool, including Rich running after Abbie, who broke her shoe and went flying. She then had a special birthday dunk! It was then a relaxed afternoon of gentle paddling and then showering and making ourselves beautiful ready for Abbie’s birthday meal out.

We picked up our special guest, Keith Daniels, and headed off. The meal, and antics surrounding it, including pepper sniffing, joke telling, blowing bubbles in our drinks and sticking a cigar into a horse statues mouth, made the evening awesome.

After coming home from the meal, we then went to the campfire, which I must say Mummy Mike, it wasn’t a patch on yours! The girls then went to watch the semi-finals of CamJam’s Got Talent. Before long, Abbie found a poor innocent boy to grind up against. After a little encouragement and a few tips from the Trevethin Hoover she was soon exchanging saliva with him and after, she finally managed to find out his name. Victim number one of the Henllys Hoover:- Simon, aged 14 from Barton Scouts!

With all the excitement from the day, we finally bedded down and were all quiet by 1:30am!

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3rd August 2011 by Jim

IMG_7405 IMG_7359 IMG_7352

IMG_7418 IMG_7412 IMG_7414

IMG_7406 IMG_7408 IMG_7411

DSCF3962 DSCF3973 DSCF3965

DSCF3970 DSCF4001 DSCF3995

DSCF3990 DSCF3986 DSCF3984

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Rafting, Zorbing & Lovebites (by John, Gareth & Frodo)

2nd August 2011 by Explorers

We woke up at six o’clock in the morning and headed to the showers for a refreshing wash.

When we arrived back we started on the brilliant breakfast known as Pancakes.

After our divine breakfast we proceeded to activities, which included body zorbing (which is basically knocking people over in giant see through balls), circus tricks and shooting.

After the morning antics we retired for sandwiches and other beverages and then headed to the next zone which was raft building, which was rather eventful as our creation didn’t hold! (the raft) which made us rather wet.

Once rafting was over, we returned to dry off and further refresh ourselves!

To our delight the leaders had bought us a pool (paddling) to cool off. It took many trips to fill. Once the pool was filled we sat about “chillaxing” around our camp!

Rolling into the evening, we set about readying ourselves for the evening festivities which included talent shows, discos and all around fun!

We arrived back at camp from the evening events at around eleven thirty, to relax and laugh about the days events!

We returned to our holes eventually to rest and recuperate for the next days enjoyment.

We all wondered if the love bites inflicted on some of our members would show up the next day! 😛

John, Gareth and Frodo

(photos to follow)

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Ain’t Getting on No Plane Fool!

1st August 2011 by Bomb Squad

So it’s Monday and today we travelled to Imperial War Museum Duxford. After having a shower at stupid o’clock in order not to queue, a continental breakfast was washed down with coffee and apple juice. Despite the best efforts of the breakfast crew, I did not feel continental at all! In fact as we pulled up at Duxford I felt decidedly British.

Note: this is Duxford, the war time base of Douglas Bader, the famous Ace! It has no ducks and no Mike, I couldn’t find his legs!

IMG_7250 IMG_7233 IMG_7261

The museum was fab, lots of Spitfires (mk2-mk22) ANORAK! Lancaster, Bouchon, TSR 2, etc. I could go on … really, I could go on and on and on and … Lauren and Jennie accompanied as we traversed the whole airfield. The girls went all geeky over the SR-71 and the B52, which impressed me no end! Following a full day out at the museum, I have a new plane geek club, notable members include: Jennie, Lauren, Phil, Rhys G and Frodo 🙂 BEWARE!

IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7304

By the end of the day, all Explorers were pooped, walked and planed out. Including me!

Note: Who let Mike go abroad??!?!? I wonder when he’s getting arrested! It’s bound to happen!!

Oh, and I bought a book on the Dambusters 🙂 !

Love ‘Bouncing’ Bomb Squad x

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Bomb Squad Gets His Geek On!

1st August 2011 by Jim

Today was the day Bomb Squad has been looking forward to every since we found out the options for the day out. We spent the day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford and let him run wild to enjoy every bit of planey goodness available. He even managed to collect his own small, but devoted, fan club. At the beginning of the day, a group of 5 or 6 Explorers joined Rhys for a thorough schooling on planes, but by lunchtime, only two remained due to the lengthy and exuberant lessons being dished out.

IMG_7252 IMG_7290 IMG_7291

The rest of us however, enjoyed the museum with a less detailed look at everything. We even had time to make some Airfix models with Amie, do some colouring in and watch the Cadets march really badly! To end the day, we visited the land warfare section and got our picture taken on the front of a tank (to match the picture we took the last time FreeSpirit invaded Duxford 7 years ago!).

IMG_7292 IMG_7296 IMG_7256 IMG_7330

I will let Bomb Squad give you a more thorough run down of our day at Duxford as only he can!

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Opening Ceremony & Cross Dressing Explorers

31st July 2011 by Jim

This morning we had the pleasure of taking part in a mass heat stroke party, otherwise known as the opening ceremony. The weather was absolutely beautiful, but there was no shade at all around the arena. The ceremony began with a number of singing acts, an introduction to CamJam’s Got Talent and some dancing, but just trailed away to nothing with people leaving after about three quarters of an hour.

IMG_7132 IMG_7135 IMG_7139

The main programme is not due to start until tomorrow so this afternoon we joined with the rest of our subcamp for some fun and games. The first session was the Mascot Derby, a series of races between Scouts/Explorers with their mascots.

IMG_7161 IMG_7163

This led onto the It’s a Knockout competition. For some reason the walk between the two took us halfway around the campsite, even though it was only 200m from the Derby! Unfortunately due to the numbers, and the fact each of the activities was only an hour long, we only got to take part in 3 of the activities.

IMG_7185 IMG_7190 IMG_7197 IMG_7202

The final event of the afternoon was Record Breakers, however I don’t think our lot were that interested as they seemed to disappear quite rapidly!

Whilst waiting for dinner time, Lukas made the decision that he was no longer happy being male and employed the help of the girls to become Lucinda! As you can see, he makes a very fetching young lady, although there were a few people across the Jamboree who were not quite as accepting as us. The strange looks ranged from confusion to abject horror, but generally people broke down into fits of laughter for some strange reason! The evening quickly descended into endless Neon and overt, and unsuccessful, bouts of flirting at the disco in the main arena.

IMG_7219 IMG_7221 IMG_7227

The main entertainment for the evening was Amy Woods who managed to gain very mixed responses from our Explorers. Rhys G believed she was really old, even in her thirties! Lukas believed she danced like his Nan and sang like his 4 year old cousin, and Steve D thought she was drop dead gorgeous and wouldn’t stop talking about her! So all in all a semi positive response from FreeSpirit!

Our main programme starts tomorrow and we will be heading to Duxford Imperial War Musuem so that Bombsquad (Rhys J) can get his geek on!

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Day 1 (by Jennie S)

30th July 2011 by Explorers

After all of the Explorers and leaders turned up on time, Bomb Squad failed to follow the times stated on the letter and arrived fashionably late. All the kit was ‘carefully’ loaded in the van. The Explorers piled into the minibus all with the exception of Laura and Jennie, who travelled with Bomb Squad in the front of the van.

5 hours of Bomb Squad’s neckerchief fun and games with Laura and Jennie entertaining the minibus using them as turbans, hijabs, and slings we finally arrived at the racecourse and unloaded and erected Bertha and sorted the rest of the camp site out.

After tea everyone got changed and Abbie layered on the makeup in hope of ‘pulling’. All of the Explorers went down to the stage to ‘rave’. After watching Luke and Gary failing to ‘pull’ French ‘birds’ we walked around and cane back tooth tents and were good little children and went to bed.

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