Day 1 (by Jennie S)

After all of the Explorers and leaders turned up on time, Bomb Squad failed to follow the times stated on the letter and arrived fashionably late. All the kit was ‘carefully’ loaded in the van. The Explorers piled into the minibus all with the exception of Laura and Jennie, who travelled with Bomb Squad in the front of the van.

5 hours of Bomb Squad’s neckerchief fun and games with Laura and Jennie entertaining the minibus using them as turbans, hijabs, and slings we finally arrived at the racecourse and unloaded and erected Bertha and sorted the rest of the camp site out.

After tea everyone got changed and Abbie layered on the makeup in hope of ‘pulling’. All of the Explorers went down to the stage to ‘rave’. After watching Luke and Gary failing to ‘pull’ French ‘birds’ we walked around and cane back tooth tents and were good little children and went to bed.

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1 Response to Day 1 (by Jennie S)

  1. ken says:

    so if gary and luke failed to pull is that because they had there free hugs tshirts on or not ?