Rafting, Zorbing & Lovebites (by John, Gareth & Frodo)

We woke up at six o’clock in the morning and headed to the showers for a refreshing wash.

When we arrived back we started on the brilliant breakfast known as Pancakes.

After our divine breakfast we proceeded to activities, which included body zorbing (which is basically knocking people over in giant see through balls), circus tricks and shooting.

After the morning antics we retired for sandwiches and other beverages and then headed to the next zone which was raft building, which was rather eventful as our creation didn’t hold! (the raft) which made us rather wet.

Once rafting was over, we returned to dry off and further refresh ourselves!

To our delight the leaders had bought us a pool (paddling) to cool off. It took many trips to fill. Once the pool was filled we sat about “chillaxing” around our camp!

Rolling into the evening, we set about readying ourselves for the evening festivities which included talent shows, discos and all around fun!

We arrived back at camp from the evening events at around eleven thirty, to relax and laugh about the days events!

We returned to our holes eventually to rest and recuperate for the next days enjoyment.

We all wondered if the love bites inflicted on some of our members would show up the next day! 😛

John, Gareth and Frodo

(photos to follow)

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