Opening Ceremony & Cross Dressing Explorers

This morning we had the pleasure of taking part in a mass heat stroke party, otherwise known as the opening ceremony. The weather was absolutely beautiful, but there was no shade at all around the arena. The ceremony began with a number of singing acts, an introduction to CamJam’s Got Talent and some dancing, but just trailed away to nothing with people leaving after about three quarters of an hour.

IMG_7132 IMG_7135 IMG_7139

The main programme is not due to start until tomorrow so this afternoon we joined with the rest of our subcamp for some fun and games. The first session was the Mascot Derby, a series of races between Scouts/Explorers with their mascots.

IMG_7161 IMG_7163

This led onto the It’s a Knockout competition. For some reason the walk between the two took us halfway around the campsite, even though it was only 200m from the Derby! Unfortunately due to the numbers, and the fact each of the activities was only an hour long, we only got to take part in 3 of the activities.

IMG_7185 IMG_7190 IMG_7197 IMG_7202

The final event of the afternoon was Record Breakers, however I don’t think our lot were that interested as they seemed to disappear quite rapidly!

Whilst waiting for dinner time, Lukas made the decision that he was no longer happy being male and employed the help of the girls to become Lucinda! As you can see, he makes a very fetching young lady, although there were a few people across the Jamboree who were not quite as accepting as us. The strange looks ranged from confusion to abject horror, but generally people broke down into fits of laughter for some strange reason! The evening quickly descended into endless Neon and overt, and unsuccessful, bouts of flirting at the disco in the main arena.

IMG_7219 IMG_7221 IMG_7227

The main entertainment for the evening was Amy Woods who managed to gain very mixed responses from our Explorers. Rhys G believed she was really old, even in her thirties! Lukas believed she danced like his Nan and sang like his 4 year old cousin, and Steve D thought she was drop dead gorgeous and wouldn’t stop talking about her! So all in all a semi positive response from FreeSpirit!

Our main programme starts tomorrow and we will be heading to Duxford Imperial War Musuem so that Bombsquad (Rhys J) can get his geek on!

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2 Responses to Opening Ceremony & Cross Dressing Explorers

  1. Cerys Halford says:

    Great photos !

  2. Buff says:

    Guys, glad to see FreeSpirit ruling CamJam. The Muddy Dragons are in total control here in Sweden. On a separate note, Jon P has seen the picture of Lukasinder…and thinks “she’s” hot and wants a date!