Ain’t Getting on No Plane Fool!

So it’s Monday and today we travelled to Imperial War Museum Duxford. After having a shower at stupid o’clock in order not to queue, a continental breakfast was washed down with coffee and apple juice. Despite the best efforts of the breakfast crew, I did not feel continental at all! In fact as we pulled up at Duxford I felt decidedly British.

Note: this is Duxford, the war time base of Douglas Bader, the famous Ace! It has no ducks and no Mike, I couldn’t find his legs!

IMG_7250 IMG_7233 IMG_7261

The museum was fab, lots of Spitfires (mk2-mk22) ANORAK! Lancaster, Bouchon, TSR 2, etc. I could go on … really, I could go on and on and on and … Lauren and Jennie accompanied as we traversed the whole airfield. The girls went all geeky over the SR-71 and the B52, which impressed me no end! Following a full day out at the museum, I have a new plane geek club, notable members include: Jennie, Lauren, Phil, Rhys G and Frodo 🙂 BEWARE!

IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7304

By the end of the day, all Explorers were pooped, walked and planed out. Including me!

Note: Who let Mike go abroad??!?!? I wonder when he’s getting arrested! It’s bound to happen!!

Oh, and I bought a book on the Dambusters 🙂 !

Love ‘Bouncing’ Bomb Squad x

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