Jennie Again!

After the girls woke up at 5am for a shower, Abbie woke up rather excited as it was her 15th birthday. After a big boy breakfast cooked by Laura and Jennie, we went off to do craft activities, which included glass engraving, donut making, woggle workshop and pyrography.

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After activities we headed back to our subcamp, where we had a paddling pool bought the previous day by the leaders. After an hour of gentle paddling, bomb squad disappeared into his tent and appeared 5 minutes later wearing a pair of aviator sunnies and completed the look with a cigar in his mouth.


A ferocious game of ‘dunking’ everyone in the pool, including Rich running after Abbie, who broke her shoe and went flying. She then had a special birthday dunk! It was then a relaxed afternoon of gentle paddling and then showering and making ourselves beautiful ready for Abbie’s birthday meal out.

We picked up our special guest, Keith Daniels, and headed off. The meal, and antics surrounding it, including pepper sniffing, joke telling, blowing bubbles in our drinks and sticking a cigar into a horse statues mouth, made the evening awesome.

After coming home from the meal, we then went to the campfire, which I must say Mummy Mike, it wasn’t a patch on yours! The girls then went to watch the semi-finals of CamJam’s Got Talent. Before long, Abbie found a poor innocent boy to grind up against. After a little encouragement and a few tips from the Trevethin Hoover she was soon exchanging saliva with him and after, she finally managed to find out his name. Victim number one of the Henllys Hoover:- Simon, aged 14 from Barton Scouts!

With all the excitement from the day, we finally bedded down and were all quiet by 1:30am!

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