Hmmm, the weather turned this morning…… And a rather large handbrake turn it was!!!! Zeus or Triton, not sure which, spent most of the day weeing through a sieve(idge) upon us!

This was tolerated by the team until the fast floodidge which destroyed the tent flooridge!!!


This prompted Bomb Squadidge, Philidge, Rhysidge, Frodoidge and Richidge to dig a rather large ditch to drain the water….along with the Site Services ASBO Squad….when they finally turned up…..the Jessie’s!!

IMG_7454 IMG_7460 IMG_7456

The ditch is a vision of beauty…..if you were born at the Somme!! 😉 We can’t decide whether to call it Tom, Dick or Harry.

Ditchidge has now been drained by tractor and pumpidge, and the H2O from above has goneidge.


The ale needs a leader.

Love and Peace
Bomb Squad(idge)

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