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CamJam 2011On waking up this morning, I was greeted by Laura and Jennie sleeping in our mess tent. Laura informed me that it was due to the fact there was a “huge” bug in their tent. Jennie was still curled up in her sleeping bag, and there was no waking her. So “somebody” took the opportunity to tie her down to the chairs she was using as a bed and, with the help of some other people, carry her out to sleep next to the paddling pool. It was at this point that a few of the Explorers believed she should get out of bed, so pans were banged inches from her head. To everyone’s surprise, Jennie didn’t even move. She was still dead to the world! This called for more dramatic methods, and so water was deployed onto her face, with much more effective results! In a daze, and extremely confused Jennie queried “Where am I? Why can’t move?” to raucous laughter from everyone around!

CamJam 2011 CamJam 2011 CamJam 2011

Once Jennie had been released, we began our last day of programmed activities at CamJam 2011. Today was the day of Off Site activities for us. The tickets for all the activities arrived last night so, after breakfast was out the way, we dished out the activity tickets and sent the Explorers off to Bell Boating, Windsurfing, Canoeing etc whilst the leadership team took the time to chill out around site.

During the afternoon, a sheet of paper was deposited in our tent to inform us of the arrangements for the evenings Closing Ceremony. It included such outrageous statements as “no tall flags allowed” causing outrage amongst our camp, with 2 beautifully adorned tall flags ready for this specific purpose! Apparently there are high voltage electric cables over the entrance to the main stage, but this didn’t seem to phase anyone at the Opening Ceremony!

As the afternoon drew to a close, and everyone had made their way back to site, we got the dinner sorted just in time to head down to the Closing Ceremony. After 10 minutes, it was over and the final of CamJam’s Got Talent got underway. A little disappointing for a Closing Ceremony, but our lot made the most of the rest of the evening enjoying the entertainment from the Talent team and the disco that followed partying long into the night, and making sure they took full advantage of our last night at CamJam.

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