We Have Arrived!

30th July 2011 by Jim

After an uneventful and leisurely drive to Huntingdon Racecourse, we arrived at CamJam 2011 to join a couple of thousand Scouts from across the world for our weeks summer camp. Unlike our other contingent who are at the World Jamboree, we arrived to brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies. Bliss! Once we were directed to our subcamp (Sweden) and site, we took the opportunity for some impromptu sunbathing whilst waiting for Rhys to arrive with all the kit (he went the wrong way!). We set up camp just in time to chill out for a bit before dinner. With Bertha up, the kitchen sorted and food on the go, I went to meet our Subcamp staff at the welcome meeting. I was surprised to find that the legendary camp fire leader, and Cub Scout, Keith Daniels was part of our Subcamp staff. Now we know any problems we have will be sorted :-).

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Now it’s our turn!

30th July 2011 by Jim

After a slightly delayed start we are on our way! We are currently bouncing along the M50 with Cerys and Rhys getting competitive with the driving although Rhys has the advantage with the brand new van over Cerys’ battered school minibus! Only 3-4 hours to go 🙂

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The Muddy Dragons are Away!

24th July 2011 by Jim

A proportion of our Unit and Leaders have already embarked on their Summer Camp this year as part of the Muddy Dragons WSJ Unit. They left the UK in the early hours of this morning to join 4,000 other UK Scouts, and a further 36,000 Scouts from across the world, at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. You can follow their exploits on their blog at:


The rest of us have less than a week before we head off to CamJam 2011 for our Summer Camp.

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