Final moments…Bear Gryls, David Walliams and some dubloons

This morning saw us all packing like mad before an excellent breakfast of pancakes. The sun was still shining when the unit headed off to finish our last programme zone…Eco. And was still shining when a helicopter dropped in and off loaded Chief Scout Bear Gryls and comedian David Walliams. They wandered throughout the camp leaving happy and amazed young people in their wake.


Bear4.jpg Bear3.jpg Bear2.jpg Bear & David.jpg

Our kit was packed when a party of pirates was spotted approaching…it was our sheep rustling fiends from Red Bandits ESU. They presented us with an ancient pirate scroll and a small treasure chest filled with dubloons and a message -“FreeSpirit ESU, Thanks for some top rated plundering at Kernow Jamboree, your friends The Midnight Fleet and Red Bandits ESU”.

Goodbyes were said and we hit the road home.


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