Investitures, Promises…and Ruling the School (again!)

1st August 2013 by Buff

Early evening found us in front of the main camp flagpole with the whole jamboree assembling as we invested Sam, Jack, Josh and Dave. Smart uniforms were the order of the day…so Buff and Rhys dressed in the unit dragon suits and Lukas and Jim wore Welsh Flag dresses. Naturally the investiture proceeded in true FreeSpirit fashion to the applause of the whole camp. Many other groups then wanted to have their photos taken with the wonderful Welsh!

IMG_77551775689797 IMG_7754123472893 IMG_77492027787471 IMG_77201712859570IMG_7719906638034 IMG_7714-759206958 IMG_7700-1475559500 IMG_7696-1490384240IMG_7695-180639111 IMG_76911794752256 IMG_7688410577725 IMG_7711.JPGIMG_7702.JPG IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7692.JPG IMG_7689.JPGIMG_7686-105588588 IMG_7683744331657 IMG_7747.JPG IMG_7743.JPG IMG_7736.JPG IMG_7709.JPG IMG_7703.JPG

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Sheep rustling…

1st August 2013 by Buff

During the week, our flock of sheep had been placed secretly throughout the Jamboree site. Some had attached themselves to the main flag pole, others to the local “camel” and still others to camp gateways and mess tents. These new additions were loved by their new Scouting friends….until they went missing one evening!

A ransom note duly arrived the next day telling us to be waiting by the showers at 5pm and to bring “ducks” and a Welsh Flag necker. 5pm saw our covert assault team armed with water pistols, carefully hidden nearby. Then our sheep were spotted being expertly marshaled by a “shepard” and his sheep dogs. A professional round up by the dogs, who were following signals from their masters whistle, then  ensued before chaos erupted when our assault team leapt out of hiding and fired water at everyone!

A group photo with Red Bandits ESU ended a brilliant and very funny activity.

20130801_171422.jpg 20130801_170938.jpg 20130801_170910.jpg 20130801_170906.jpg20130801_170858.jpg

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GDVAnd Hot Air

1st August 2013 by Buff

Thursday morning found us in the Global Development Village facing a number of challenging issues…global disaster and dealing with it with a disability, Shelter Box..emergency kit for disaster relief,  inspirational messages, on line safety and emergency grab bags….a truly thought provoking time.

After lunch, Air zone found us doing human table football,  bouncy assault course,  jousting,  sumo suits,…and many more…a fun afternoon.

IMG_7629.JPG IMG_7628.JPG IMG_7627.JPG IMG_7626.JPGIMG_7624.JPG

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Cornish Ceilidh

31st July 2013 by Buff

Following an excellent display from an American Scout Taikwando team, Wednesday night found us in front of the main stage with a live band and a ceilidh. 800 people doing a line dance….stunning. A stunning theme was also emerging. Our older members were being seriously shown up by our newer members in the “new female friend” department…watch this space!

20130731_202141-1250198784 20130731_202047-11965131400 C1.jpg Mad1.jpg Friends2.jpg

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Adventure time!

31st July 2013 by Becky

Today found us in Adventure Zone…caving, zip wire, archery, assault course, low ropes, speed orienteering,  gocarting, shooting and climbing. We set the site record for the orienteering,  and did very well in the assault course and Shooting…with a new unit snipper champion – Callum!

WP_20130731_008-1250198784 WP_20130731_0051965131400 WP_20130731_004-1092430093 WP_20130731_003-1908564788 WP_20130731_0021977865887 WP_20130731_0011463735071

20130731_1429451977865887 IMG_7602.JPGAlex1.JPG

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Sheep-knapping…an update

31st July 2013 by Buff

Following our sweet revenge on our sheep-knapper, the site media team wanted a comment and a photo…and guess what? Today we made the cover of the Jamboree newsletter! We also decided to “decorate” our sheep-knapping neighbours tent in retaliation! !

20130731_1619451224601919 20130731_1618551621656583 20130731_1613091463735071

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Angry Chuffs and a talent show

30th July 2013 by Buff

Today started with some light rain and the end of the Bushcraft activity. This was followed by an afternoon on the Creative base where a flock of “Angry Chuffs” (a Cornish bird) were created and added to our fleet of mascots – Dodgy Bob our pigeon;  Bjion our snake; our singing moose and lobster and our sheep. Following tea we headed for the main stage and the nights talent show. Jim opened will a great solo on guitar and was followed by Lauren and Amy (also on guitar)…2 great songs that went down very well.  We wait for the verdict from the judges! The night ended with a great beach party, neon mad Welsh disco…a good  day.

20130730_211220-1250198784 20130730_2111011965131400 20130730_211019-1908564788 20130730_210933-1250198784 20130730_2049581965131400

20130730_194908586682755 20130730_192036-1622985446 20130730_1741001439919399 20130730_173510-86641649220130730_173443183335613 20130730_161444-1652710736 20130730_150100-1505479724 20130730_145236-2057872855 20130730_145202440514620 20130730_144855-918074230 20130730_142341586682755 20130730_142215586682755

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A flock of sheep and a ransom!

30th July 2013 by Buff

In our “essential” kit lurked a flock of sheep with their trusty sheep dog (Dilwyn), superbly manufactured by Osama’s Dad Bin Brewing. Late last night our intrepid sheep slipped their faithful dog a mickey fin sending him off to the land of nod whereupon they scattered. Morning light found our flock attached to flag poles, gateways and tents throughout the Jamboree…..then came tbe ransom note! Apparently one of our sheep (Rhod) had been sheep-napped. A 12 oclock deadline had been issued and we had to bring cake!! We laid our plans….a Swiss roll was laced with chilli,  100 water bombs were filled, the Super Soakers were fueled and we placed our ambush. Cassie waited by the main flagpole and the exchange was done…as our sheep-knapper made to leave,  all hell exploded….episode 2 coming soon!

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Energise and Bushcraft

29th July 2013 by Buff

The day dawned,  good coffee was drunk….and then about 6″ of rain fell in half an hour!! ….but this was then followed by glorious sunshine. The morning found us all in Energise – mad activities to start the day…circus skills and balloon modeling. This was followed by a hike into the nearby woods for Bushcraft skills and and a sleep out in shelters. Fire starting, knife and axe craft, shelter building and backwoods cooking…more info when they return tomorrow.

20130729_193648440514620 20130729_192227-918074230 20130729_155654-1536594346 20130729_155048-1622985446

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Bodmin, Padstow…and a few flags

28th July 2013 by Buff

Today was a rest day. But a full English breakfast was still in order…bacon, black pudding,  eggy bread, beans, mushrooms.  We decided to head over to Bodmin to check out the stunning entertainment…and found it shut! So we went to Padstow…sun, scenery,  a brass band…and a Cornish Pasty! Following tea, we broke out the flags (25 of them) got into uniform and headed over for the opening ceremony. ..and ruled the school.  We had more flags than the whole camp!!! Two Scouts opened the Jamboree and a local band, Ricky Business, did a fantastic set and got us all dancing.

Check out Cassie’s new hair!!



20130728_211946-1652710736 20130728_211709-2057872855 20130728_201919440514620 20130728_201909-457281420130728_201442589018957

20130728_152157-918074230 20130728_150529-1536594346 20130728_150115589018957

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