Exams and Extreme Biking

Thursday –

Today we woke to some serious rain, a good cooked breakfast and an avalanche of emotions due to GCSE results. Our youngsters, who were in the hot seat, managed to negotiate poor mobile phone coverage together with an appalling lack of preparation and understanding by most of the schools and finally managed to get hold of their results. Congratulations and good luck to all of you.

By 9.30 my group were half way up a mountain on our bikes. The sun was now shining, the view was magnificent and the descents awesome. Young Phil picked up the best crash award when his front brake seized and threw him together with the bike into a ditch suffering a slight scratch to his chin. Well done to Miki and Lauren in particular for braving the mountain….first time on a bike.

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  1. Alison and Sal says:

    Well done Phill and Lauren on your results 🙂 sounds like your all having fun 🙂 x

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