An escaped haggis, his mate the haddock…and some Scottish water

20th August 2012 by Buff

Monday – Yesterday’s scorching weather had changed somewhat to a more overcast sky when our intrepid FreeSpirits headed out for the days activities…

Group 1 were back on the loch for a days sailing…more later.

Group 2 were climbing and abseiling

….and Rosie, Jim, George and Buff escaped over the hills to Glen Goyne. A fantastic distillery tour awaited us with the lovely Alice (tour guide) showing us all the wonders of manufacturing a lovely dram from Scottish water. There was a hard decision to be made…whether to purchase the 10 year old…or the 17 year old…a lovely dilemma!

A gorgeous lunch quickly ensued which involved Richard tracking, catching and cooking a haggis. His good mate the haddock meanwhile, was nicely caught surfing in the nearby stream before undergoing a beer-battering and subsequent devouring.

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….bring on the Lochgoilhead Olympics!

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Photos and more photos

20th August 2012 by Buff

If you are reading our exciting blog…please check out the “Gallery” for loads more photos of us all doing what we do best…having fun…and ruling the world!

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Job Job Bomb Sqd Blog Day 2

19th August 2012 by Bomb Squad

Hi All

So today was the first full day of actvities at Lochgoilhead activity centre. Following a healthy dose of leader coffee and north sea temp shower we headed off to breakfast (honey I shrunk the breakfast…… or two plates of breakfast is not standard or normal….!!). following nosh, team 2 headed for Sailing and Climbing for the Day.

A slight logistic issue of no wind resulted in two powered boats of Explorers heading down the Loch at 5 knots to do some climbing on the South Eastern shore of the Loch. The boat journey down was made funnier by Abigail Victoria Jon Paul kamikaze boating and fishing techniques… closely backed by Emma in support. Following Job Job Bomb Sqd leaving 20% of his shin on a rock, we headed off for lunch on the shore and a spot of afternoon rock climbing. Alex Spiderman kicked off the vertical persuits with additional awesome doses of tenacity and bloodymindedness from Emma, Ryan and Tanith.

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We then tried to sail back up the lake but without the usual wind of Osama (post beans) it could have been midnight before the halfway point. Common sense prevailed and out came the Outboard Motor and Fishing Rod. Bridie nearly landed a shark until it did a vailaint flip pout of the loch and took off with 4 hooks and a lure….. Jaws 4? For the last mile of sailing we had horizontal scottish rain to keep bottoms wet and spirits high. 🙂

Tea – DVD and finally does anyone feel remotely tired yet?

Peace and Love


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Climbing in Glen Croe

19th August 2012 by Osama

Saturday am, oops Sunday am…(must be still lagged)

Following a cooked breakie, including potato cakes (What the hell is this hard pancake?!?!), we were split in two groups, one to go on to the lake (more to follow on that) and one to go down to Glen Croe for a days climbing.

Off to the Glen we did go,
Swinging our kit to ‘n’ fro,
Up da mountain we did hike,
Helping da old guy known as Mike,
Ok I’m not that bad (Osama)

At the first small (20ft) crag an abseil was set up, all members of the party were harnessed & helmeted up, then thrown off the rocks.

Well done to Lauren who conquered her fears of abseiling!

A short walk to the next crag, and climbing began in earnest. The Explorers learnt a new term … “That’s the crux, which means you need to place your left leg over your right shoulder, then pull your entire body weight up on one finger from your left hand, which is hidden out of sight, stuck in a lilttle hole”

All day the Explorers climbed, abseiled and belayed each other working brilliantly as a team, developing a healthy trust with each other.

Finally the leaders had a go:

  • Buff – 10ft fail;
  • Jon – 30ft fail (Screams like a woman!);
  • Rosie – Excellent attempt;
  • Mike – Excused for medical reasons;
  • Rich – Total rock ape.

Just as we were de-rigging (technical term), the skies opened, and when it rains in haggis land Boy does it rain!!! A wet walk back to the vans and we returned to the centre to a lovely roast chicken dinner.

Love n Hugs


Lochgoilhead 2012 Lochgoilhead 2012 Lochgoilhead 2012

Lochgoilhead 2012 Lochgoilhead 2012

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We have arrived!

18th August 2012 by Buff

Following a short delay…whilst Rhys overslept, the intrepid FreeSpirits and Dim Ddraig hit the road around twenty to seven. By five thirty (pm) we were pulling into the car park at the Lochgoilhead Activity Centre…and 30 seconds later, were sitting down to a first class dinner. The sun was shining, the loch was a deep blue…and we were back!

A week of sailing, kayaking, powerboating, mountainbiking, climbing an extreme gorge walk…and the Lochgoilhead Olympics await us.

Our first day on camp was also Tanith’s birthday and so, following a quick Lochgoilhead elephant impression, we all tucked into her massive birthday cake…enjoy!

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Coming Soon…

13th August 2012 by Jim
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