Fan Decender…of death!

Following our intrepid tree-top challenges, we headed for the largest tree in the forest and a test of fitness (to reach the tree-top platform) and a massive test in believing in oneself (and the safety kit!). The climb up this tree took 5-10 minutes. Once at the top, we clipped into the safety line before moving to the “launch” point. Here we were attached to the fan decender line…and then it was time to fly!

One, two, three…step off…


_DSC0282 _DSC0288 _DSC0292 _DSC0296 _DSC0298 _DSC0301 _DSC0304 _DSC0308 _DSC0313_processed _DSC0316 _DSC0321_Processed _DSC0324 _DSC0330_Processed _DSC0332_Processed _DSC0338_Processed _DSC0344_Processed _DSC0352_Processed _DSC0356_Processed _DSC0387_Processed


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