Flaming Pillars of death…and a few bruises!

Following an amazing chilli, we headed outside to end the camp by launching a few Chinese lanterns…(for those of you in the know, they were the last from the infamous “Youlbury” vintage…say no more!). As dusk was deepening and working in teams of three we managed to launch a number of lanterns over the nearby fields…before heading inside for the “bruise” competition and our final film night.

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The “bruise” competition:

As you have probably guessed, this was the post paintballing “who’s got the most bruises”. There were two titles up for grabs -1. the person with the most bruises (Won by Mike), and 2. the most amazing bruise (Won by Euan with a collarbone special!)…enjoy

_DSC0045 (2) _DSC0048 (2) _DSC0049 (2)

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