Historical Chester….and 1000 paintballs!

Our last full day has arrived! After our usual “big boy” breakfast (sausages, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, baked beans etc) we piled into our trusty mini bus and headed off for Chester. The morning was free time – wandering around this lovely historical city.

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Mike found the shop that was appropiate to his age!

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But the real reason for coming to Chester (and the main event) was to spend the afternoon paintballing!

Five different scenarios (Lego, tyres, church, missile attack, Hamburger Hill) – 10 games in all. The Unit was split into 2 teams to partake in our “Call of Duty” fantasy’s, which saw plenty of camping, no-scoping and shouts of “man down, man down”….and no mater how many times we asked, we never did get a “Huey Medivac”!

Five hours of combat later, we dragged our battered and bruised bodies back to the “APC” and took “red route 1” back to our fire-base – aka, Penycae…..more on bruises later!

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  1. Alison Thomas says:

    Wow! Amaze-balls!!! You have all done so much in one week, one to remember I’m sure! Thank you for giving the boys the opportunity to do things they would probably not have the courage to do normally. Certainly the true spirit of scouting. And now I can’t wait to take Rhodri back to do them again- I thought I was the only dare devil in the family!

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