Wassup Snowdon – Freespirit that’s what! And they’re steaming!

29th July 2015 by Bomb Squad

Hello peeps! Bomb Squad here!

So today the intrepid Explorers of Freespirit and the Leaders hit Snowdon for a hike. After an eye watering 0630 wake up we demolished sausage and bacon sarnies and embarked on the fun bus for Pen Y Pass.

This is where it really started to get interesting…

XC Weather, Met Office you little liars!

Anyway suffice to say it chucked it down, I’m not exactly sure how we angered Zues but he had the last laugh…

So we ascended the Pyg Path to the summit in about 3 hours. The Explorers we amazing, actually considering the weather they were exceptional.

You learn so much more when the weather is a challenge hillwalking.

After getting to the summit rather refreshed by the wind and rain we took shelter in the Train Station Cafe’. The guys demolished their packed lunches with all the restraint of Predator!

Thinking the weather might improve, we trekked to the summit for a Team Photo, might as well be a steam photo ( we were giving off enough of it! ).

We returned to Pen Y Pass, via a rather slippery miners track. Ewan called the slips as they occurred, emerging from the mountain like a steaming warrior Jack threw himself in the lake, full dunk, he got out 12 times faster than he went in…


We returned this eve full of team spirit, laughing at the weather and the mountain of wet kit. And thats the way it should be!




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The final hour

29th July 2015 by Buff

The rain had stopped for a while now and the Miners Track was easy on the boot. We made good time, arriving at the bus around 4pm…a great day’s walking with a brilliant bunch of people!

_DSC0271 _DSC0272_Snowdon

And, just to rub salt into the wound…it is gloriously sunny back at camp!

_DSC0280 _DSC0281

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What am I doing with my life😂

29th July 2015 by Explorers

Just climbed all the way to the top of snowdon (well done boys) to find a rather large lake, jokingly I said to Mike “can I go skinny dipping”, Mike replied to my surprise “if u keep your boxers on”, we both laughed. On the way down we were all very tired, so we decided to walk on the path because it was easier on our feet. It just so happens that the path was along side the lake, I decided to jump in😂, the water must have been 0.1 degrees from freezing temperature because I thought I was gonna die😭, so now you know the life of a Jack😂😂😂

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Heading down

29th July 2015 by Buff

As we left the cafe, the temperature had dropped even further, the wind had increased and it was still raining! Mike stated that previous walks in the middle of winter were not as cold! We therefore spent but a few seconds on the trig point for the obligatory photo, before heading down the Miners Track for another team photo…seagull photo…and, Jack and his chicken

IMGA0660 on the summit

IMGA0639 IMGA0649 IMGA0631

We were out of the wind, the rain had temporally stopped and we were heading down for the lake.

_DSC0231_Snowdon _DSC0235 _DSC0237 _DSC0239 _DSC0248 _DSC0252 _DSC0255 _DSC0261 _DSC0265

There then followed a swimming challenge!

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Snowdon… at the summit

29th July 2015 by Buff


Having spent the last 2-3hours in rain as we headed up Snowdon, singing all the way, we felt that we had earned a warm break in the Snowdon Cafe having a well earned lunch…

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Today’s Challenge…Snowdon

29th July 2015 by Buff

After an early start (6.30am), bacon butties, sausage butties and a good hour or so driving…we were ready to start our day’s walk up Snowdon. It was cool, cloudy but sunny intervals…for about 10 minutes! As we headed up the Pig Track…seriously dark clouds were gathering…and then the heavens opened. It rained pretty much on and off for the next 2-3 hours as we headed for the summit. The mist and cloud layer was lying all over the big peaks. However, as we dropped onto the ridge just below the summit, the wind now hit us….absolutely freezing!

_DSC0203_Snowdon _DSC0205_Snowdon _DSC0217 _DSC0218 _DSC0219 _DSC0221

We moved up the last few hundred meters…and headed straight into the cafe!

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Message to our illustrious leader

28th July 2015 by Explorers

This is how you make proper dough…… After your frankly rather pants effort earlier!


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Mountain man arrives…

28th July 2015 by Explorers

We welcome one of our old guys back tonight…steep has traveled up to join us in our ascent of the north face of the snowdon….silly sod arrived. Just as we finished eating a huge Chinese meal.. He joined us around the fire to witness Simons version of bread dough .it looked like xxxxp but tasted ok once it was cooked n covered in jam…. …..on the topic of food I missed the steak 3 courser lunch time…….not sure how…..

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Chilling round the Fire….

28th July 2015 by Explorers

IMGA0602 IMGA0604 IMGA0605 IMGA0606

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Simon makes poo😂💩💩💩

28th July 2015 by Explorers

image image

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