Investitures, Hospital, whiskey and waterslides!

What a great day…sadly, almost our last! The day started very well…the morning flagbreak saw Oli invested in front of the entire camp followed by morning activities – sailing, powerboating, archery and raftbuilding – and there lies the problem! Becky decided to wedge her fingers between two sections of the raft. A rather loud shout of “ouch” that hurt (or words to that effect) was then heard on the other side of the loch. A hospital visit then ensued and discovered a badly bruised bone – but nothing major!

Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08

During the drama on site, a few of the “responsible leaders” had slipped away in the mini bus to visit another distillery – Glengoyne. A great tour made even better by being in a mobile phone black spot leaving us blissfully unaware of the drama back home. The 10 year old single malt was lovely, the 17 year old not bad but the 21 year old was very smooth indeed!

The highlight of the day was the evening activity – The Lochgoil Waterslide. One huge tarp, a hosepipe, loads of soapy water and a bunch of mad explorers and leaders! Sam P was a clear winner of the furthest slide competition. Fantastic – enjoy the photos and videos.

Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08 Scotland 08

The evening finished with most of the leaders from the other groups on site and the site manager (Gorgeous Ali) joining us for some supper – 5 speciality  cheeses, pate and a wee dram.

Scotland 08

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4 Responses to Investitures, Hospital, whiskey and waterslides!

  1. martin says:

    I got the blaim of beckys finger. Would i do such a thing lol 🙂

  2. BECKY-LOU says:

    i dnt blame u martin. buh it hurt like hell!!!
    miss u dudee!!! xx

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