Friday evening saw both the explorers and the leaders saying their goodbyes to our new friends. We have made some great new friends in the Glasgow area (Alan and Bryon and their Scouts / Explorers) and have a good base for future activities in Scotland. A number of our explorers will also be missing certain English lads from our new friends from Cheshire! (Mike et al…Embarrassing photos to follow).

Flagdown was held at 6.15pm and saw an interesting development….the return of Barbie! Following a brief and slightly garbled final message from “Da Barbie Snatchers”, Barbie was found straped to the central flagpole! Fil was overjoyed and immediately rushed to her rescue and was last seen showing Barbie the sights of the centre and the village.

The mini-bus was packed with everyones kit to enable us to make an early start on Saturday.

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2 Responses to Farewells…

  1. we miss our frends……………………………….
    NOT steve and martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wheres the pic of our heads thn

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