Rain, driving and yet more rain!

The alarms went off at 6.30, showers were completed by 7am and then the process of cleaning our bunkhouse began. Floors were swept then mopped, loos were cleaned and our day sacks were thrown unto the bus. Breakfast was a little earlier than normal around 8am, and by 9am we were on our way home.

We left the centre with a light drizzle falling but when we reached Glasgow a blinding rain with serious spray was all around us making driving a little interesting! A much needed break at Gretna Green recharged our batteries and after a coffee or two Momma Bear and Mad Michelle took over the driving from Buff and Osama for the next leg.

We were seriously delayed in the northern Lake District for around an hour by…..about 10 traffic cones in the fast lane and, you guessed it, absolutely no road works or road workers in sight – over 10 miles of traffic carnage – it must be the summer holidays! Our lunch stop was near Chorley in Lancashire where the boys took over the driving again. The rain did stop for most of the remaining journey and only really started in earnest as we were coming into Cwmbran. Arrived home at the hut 7pm as predicted.

A fantastic week – many thanks to all the leaders and explorers that made it such fun…see you in September.

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  1. Just want to echo our thanks to the leaders for organising the week away, it sounds like a brilliant time was had by all. We really do appreciate the hard work that goes into arranging a trip away like this. It was fantastic value for all that was included, and I know Will really enjoyed himself. It made a big difference for us here at home too having the website to log onto to find out what was going on and to see photos. A massive thanks once again to all involved.


    Osama set off on a quest he VENTURED north to EXPLORE there be DRAGONS up there, he travelled with a strange group visiting arcane places called (SERVICES) where they fought many battles with the local tribes burgers*chips *and till,this group performed wierd ceremonies on water and around poles and fires, during his travels Osama payed homage and prayed at the holy shrines (DISTILLERIES),on his return the fatted calf was killed, Osamasdadbinhunting ( it was from asda really) i dont think he been fed for a week ,a great celebration was had on a safe return of the mighty band of EXPLORERS .
    P S
    if your reading all this it proves scouters today
    are as crazy as when i was doing it
    keep up the good work well done to you all

  3. well done for puttin the camp togetha
    it was awsome

  4. wooooooooooop

  5. yh it rained as soon as we gor into wales ………………………………………………..

  6. yay munky was found in da indian yipy

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