Further kidnappings – The Monkey Liberation Front (MLF)!

Following FreeSpirit’s triumphant return from their epic adventures in Scotland, it has transpired that there was in fact two kidnappings of FreeSpirit members whilst on camp! Barbie you all know about (she was returned safely), however Monkey (the lifelong companion of Jim (our leader)) went missing during the last few days of camp!

In a new development, photos of Monkey’s escapades have just been delivered to Buff and hence can now be posted on this blog. It appears that Monkey’s kidnappers have taken the unfortunate beast kayaking, climbing, for a drive in the mini bus, to a football game and for lunch in the canteen! (see photos). We await further news!

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4 Responses to Further kidnappings – The Monkey Liberation Front (MLF)!

  1. who wuld steel a monkey lol

  2. seems lyk fun

    im gunna join

    but wotch out barbie
    im gunna hunt u dwn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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