Poker School and a wee dram…

Saturday night, just after the haggis were rounded up and cooked, one of our newest recruits (Oli G), having discovered the common room, opened the first Poker School of the week! Drawing an increasing crowd of both participants and spectators, young Oli, together with Rhys (one of our our tallest explorers!), proceeded to stuff anything that moved. Meanwhile, the responsible adults (technically 6 but probably only Sarah and Michelle) adjourned to the leaders nook for a medicinal “spot of tea”. An early night for all (around midnight) saw Osama finishing the evening by reading a bedtime story to young Laura and Jim…

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2 Responses to Poker School and a wee dram…

  1. that story woz good
    expecially the acsnts
    we wann r story agen…..

  2. yh the story was cwl
    expecially mikes accents

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