Screaming Races!

The sun rose above the mountains making the waters of Loch Goil a deep brilliant blue. Boats were bobbing on the bay – ok, enough of the culture! You’ve gathered that the weather was good. Activities resumed after breakfast – the explorers had been split into four groups and had been doing two major activities per day. i.e. if they had participated in canoeing / rafting yesterday, they were doing climbing, abseiling and Jacobs ladder today.

Eloise managed to get her leg over….over the top of the Jacobs ladder that is. But the sport of the day seems to be baiting the local instructors – asking them to say “curly wurly” in their Scottish accents. The local Scouts have been taught how to cwtch, and Laura and Jodie have pulled a couple of Norwegians…or was that Glaswegians?

The food has been good with seconds and thirds available to all – Rhys, our tallest explorer, has even managed to eat more than Tobi and Kieran! Incredible but true.

The “responsible adults” – i.e. Osama and Buff, together with Mel, Rosie and Jim went for a morning paddle down the loch – taking in all the sights including a naval warship leaving Sarah to work hard…on her tan!

The evening activities were superb – a new high ropes course that needed new guinea pigs and…the Lochgoil Head Olympics with the blue ribbon race being the Screaming race! This was quickly followed by the Wellie Throwing race and the Elephant race…absolute magic!

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6 Responses to Screaming Races!

  1. laura n jodie says:

    rhys the tallest exploror
    yh right lol

  2. laura n jodie says:

    that woz fun

  3. we never pulled glasweegens or norweagens

  4. we were only playin football ……………………….

  5. yeh i bet!!

    i know wot u two r lyk :] lol

  6. rhys is not tall
    he is a shrimp lol
    no affence jodie lol

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