Barbie’s Travels

The hunt by FreeSpirit members as well as the far more amateur local police, for Barbie, our shortest explorer, has been stepped up – however, even forensic analysis of the first ransom note – has failed to turn up any hard leads despite a flurry of activity when it was discovered that the glue used on the note was toothpaste. Barbie has allegedly been seen around the village in the most unlikely places – doing some archery; climbing the Jacob’s ladder; driving our mini bus – but as yet no final demand! Fil, Barbie’s “close friend”, has been distraught with worry…and so to console himself, he took to abusing himself…with his hair straighteners!

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4 Responses to Barbie’s Travels

  1. Team Fil (: says:

    We’re going to organise a line up thursday morning to see who’s hand is holding Barbie in the picture.

    Barbie shouldn’t be on camp anyway without permission from her parents and her picture shouldn’t be taken and published on the internet without permission either. Those “Barbie Nappers” are such rebels ! lol

    By the way team Fil won the Camp Olyimpics. Woot go us!

  2. Ellis (: says:

    Omg. i Can’t Believe You Stole My Barbiee! :O i Was Gutted When i Heard 🙁 By The Way,, i Do NOT Like What You’ve Done To Her Hair 😛
    i’m Not Happy Youu Lost Her Shoes. i Will Be Expecting New Ones 😉

    The First Two Pictures Are Of My Twin 😀

    Who’s Shoe is That? i Dont Like it. :L


  3. laura n jodie says:

    we think barbies awsome at archery

  4. wow
    we straightened fils hair

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