Bay watch comes to Lochgoilhead.

Tuesday 1:30pm

Following reports that there may be seals in distress out on the loch somewhere a crack team of Explorers jumped into the rescue boat (Will, Rhys, Fil, Tom, Matt) and headed out to search the vast waters. First up driving the boat was Rhys. His unusual search pattern consisted of a giant figure of 8, s-turns and several u-turns and left the searchers baffelled, but Rhys did have a big grin on his face. This resulted in no seals being rescued.

Matt then took over the helm and funnily enough I think he’s read the same search ‘n’ rescue manual. He then followed the same search pattern, so still no seals, but his grin was rather wide. Tom blitzed the local seagulls with his control of the boat as we shot past the moored peanut factory.

Fil then became David Hasselhoff. The wind was flowing and blowing through his coiffured hair. It’s true, for the first time, his fellow Explorers have seen his forehead. Fil said that he was going to get one of these to play on Llandegfedd, but alas no seals were found.

Will was then in control, now his grin was as cheesy as a cheesy thing made out of the cheesiest cheese. Will managed to do what no other helmsman had done. He soaked the lot of us, bailing became a serious issue (I’m sure that the seals were having a great time watching us from the shoreside).

Several u-turns, figure of 8’s and Will’s trademark manoeuvre, The Doughnut. We were all feeling it was time to head into the jetty and get on dry land. No seals were rescued but the feelgood factor was 1000%. Hope the others enjoy as much as we did.

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