Oban, whiskey and haggis

Another sunny day saw some of the responsible leaders (Buff, Rosie, Jim and Momma Bear) head over to Oban, by way of some fantastic scenery following a 40 minute detour, courtesy of the sat. nav, a lovely town with one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. We felt obligated to sample the tour which involved the lovely Barbara (Oban Tour Guide) trying to gain our interest with distillery factoids – we all wanted to get to sampling room asap! A lovely whiskey, and we had the opportunity to sample a cask strength 12 year old and the more regular strength 14 year old single malt. Unfortunately, Sarah had to drive, and Rosie didn’t like whiskey…leaving their samples to Buff and Jim! Bother!! Following a short stop at the local chippy for some deep fried haggis (awesome) we headed back to our base.


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  1. mike n buff out on the pull then ayy

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