Sailors Ahoy!

We started the new activities timetable today and the first activity of the day for my group happened to be sailing. We split into two teams of six and headed down to the jetty where we were then taken to the sail boats in a small dingy at high speeds. Once we arrived at the sail boats we got aboard to find a lot of bird poo which unfortunately we had to sit in. Once we were over that we pulled up the sails and headed out in the lake. There wasn’t much wind to start but as we got going the wind picked up and we went faster.

After about fifteen minutes of sailing to get the hang of things we met up with the other sail boat that had gone out and arranged a few races. The races were quite fun as was the whole sailing experience overall. We didn’t get wet and it was an enjoyable and relaxing sail around the loch with stunning scenery all around.

The sailing instructors were very helpful and let us take control of the whole boat. We all had a go at steering the boat and pulling the ropes which are known as sheets in sailors terms. After about a good two hours we headed back near the shore and tied down the boat. We were then taken back to the jetty at high speeds in the same way we were taken out. As we got back ashore we went back to site and prepared ourselves for lunch that was to come shortly.

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  1. yh jodie almost killd us on the speed boat by not even holdin the weel

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