Ginger Rules!

After a fishing session by Tobi Lerone, Ben ( I’m not afraid of anything) and Ginger Dave a fire was prepared by Michelle to cook the said catch.  Kieran aka Raphael, Tom and Sam sawed a load of wood to keep the fire going.  Kieran was taught to saw the wood half way through and then pick up the log and smack it sharply accross another log to break it, eighteen attempts later the log was still intact………… Becky G then decided to have a crack at it and on her first attempt achieved a clean break, much to Keiran’s disgust…… Beaten by a female!


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  1. Kim ( Ben's Mum ) says:

    Hope your all having a whoopy-doo-fantastic time?? Sounds like your all havin a ‘whale’ of a time!! Hope the fishings good Ben?? Glad you’ve caught something, well hope you have?? All’s good at home, miss you tho, sorry Mum’s are Mum’s at end of day, don’t mean to embarrass you lol!! Have a good stay, well, wots left of it, been keeping an eye on the net at the weather for you all, Fri supposed to be sunny, hope the weather man’s right & it a good day for you to catch some rays!! Take care all & see you when you get back.
    Love Mum (Kim-Ben’s Mum)

  2. that fish was minging

  3. females will always win

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