Our Adventures in Trespass

Becky G and Mamma Bear decided they would buy some bargains in trespass.  2 bags, a fleece and a pair of shoes – total price £38 not too difficult you’d think??  Michelle tried her luck with the YTS boy behind the counter and said “do we get 10% off for scouts?”  The goth looking wannabe manager said no we don’t but you can have it anyway.  Cool, we thought – price should be £34 ish.  YTS rung the items in and it came to £38 the first time and mamma bear said how do ya work that out?  No chance are we paying that.  As the queue was starting to build up he cancelled the items and started again.  Once again, the boy did it wrong,  This time, the goth woman was losing her rag and fil was really embarassed and had to walk away from us and the long queue………..  Even with the calculator their 3rd attempt still failed! Mamma bear did a quick manual calculation for them when they suddenly realised what we had been telling them for the last 10 minutes – the total price was wrong!! Eventually much to the relief of the frustrated people behind us they managed to get it right!  The next challenge was to get the items in the bags………

Great day shopping…..shame about the staff……….


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  1. ally says:

    nice hats lol……..

  2. didnt read it this night ether x

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