Chinese, Norwegians and shopping

Today was our “rest day” – our instructors disappeared after breakfast. Many explorers took the opportunity to have a lie in…however, the biggest shopping mall in Glasgow beckoned! By 10am we were underway as the weather finally turned and the drizzle came down. Shortly after 11 we pulled into Breahead. A massive shopping complex with the added bonus of Xscape next door – this was an activity centre with a difference. Totally indoors and containing a snow dome, a high ropes assault course, outdoor shops, restaurants, games arcades…and absolutely filled with Norwegians! – it was tough!

Following a quick photo opportunity outside OUR FreeSpirit shop (see photo), we all split up and did not reconvene until 4.30ish when we invaded the local Chinese buffet – all you can eat for around 6 quid – what a silly concept with team “huge appetite” aka, Kieran, Tobi, Ethan, Jordan and Rhys arriving. I’m sure that this restaurant will soon go out of business! However, all this food had its consequences…one Oli G decided to bring it all back into view again…as we were leaving the restaurant, and a second near miss by Jim almost rolled the mini bus…only kidding!!


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5 Responses to Chinese, Norwegians and shopping

  1. ally says:

    rhys ur mum says make sure u dont have a waffer thin mint or u might explode

  2. jims mum says:

    bet jode only ate the wafer thin mint shes mega fussy!!!!!!!!wot is that thing my daughters strapped into????????
    looks fun….

  3. yh that frend thing aint funny lol

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    um a right jodie



  5. yh that was funie bur mike didnt read us our story that night :c

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