Stupid Explorers

Jim’s Mum

“wot is that thing my daughters strapped into???????? looks fun…”


“Milk is cow sperm isn’t it?”


“This salt water tastes really salty!!”

Matt O’B

Matt O’B – “Are we nearly there yet?”  Mike – “Just around the next corner”

Matt O’B – “Is that really a peanut factory in the middle of the loch”

Rhona – “Gullible isn’t in the dictionary”, Matt O’B – “Really?!?!?!”

Matt O’B – “I’ve got an air freshener” (while referring to a battery charger)

Matt O’B – “Oh my god, the colours don’t match” (while wearing green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange and red shorts)

Matt O’B – Whilst buying a new phone, his card was going into the machine when he was asked his pin number Matt replied “uhhhh…its on my broken phone”  Duh!!!!

Matt O’B – “Where did you get the Somerset badges from?”

Jon – “‘I’ve got really strong bones” Matt O’B – “Is that from drinking Strongbow?” Jon – “No, it’s from drinking milk!”

Matt O’B – “I haven’t spelt my own name in years”


Richard – “He lost his glasses”, Michelle – “What? His ‘Real‘ glasses?!?!”


Mike has discovered why Scotland’s gent’s toilets don’t have urinals… He managed to mistake the ladies sign for gents with kilts.

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