3rd August 2008 by richard

Have you seen this girl??

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Glorious sunshine…mmm

3rd August 2008 by buff

Only kidding!! Flagbreak, at 9.15 in the pouring rain, started our first full day of activities. The unit was split into 4 groups and proceeded to take part in the following activities – kayaking; raft building; abseiling; “all aboard” (a 30 foot tall wobbly pole); Jacobs ladder; orienteering and archery. Whilst the Explorers were getting seriously physical in their chosen activity, the responsible leaders had to check out the local town (2 shops, 2 pubs and around 23 houses…and a huge expanse of water) – check out the photos – Mid morning did see the sun come out and the rain disapate – long may it last!

Ben (a non swimmer) was last seen paddling his raft furiously down Loch Goil towards Glasgow – thankfully we do have partial mobile phone coverage and were able to get a message out to warn Glasgow of their impending peril! Fil (aka Dan) was narrowly beaten by “talkative Will” in the “who’s the best Robin Hood competition”. If the judges had allowed more points for dress rather than shooting the arrows, I’m sure Fil’s green tights would have won him the day!

Due to extremely rough atmospheric weather in our immediate vicinity (i.e. Mike’s snoring), his long suffering good lady (Mel) had to retire after lunch for some much needed rest! An impending move 4 doors down the dormitory is now very likely for young Mike (aka Osama)!

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Poker School and a wee dram…

2nd August 2008 by buff

Saturday night, just after the haggis were rounded up and cooked, one of our newest recruits (Oli G), having discovered the common room, opened the first Poker School of the week! Drawing an increasing crowd of both participants and spectators, young Oli, together with Rhys (one of our our tallest explorers!), proceeded to stuff anything that moved. Meanwhile, the responsible adults (technically 6 but probably only Sarah and Michelle) adjourned to the leaders nook for a medicinal “spot of tea”. An early night for all (around midnight) saw Osama finishing the evening by reading a bedtime story to young Laura and Jim…

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And we’re off…

2nd August 2008 by richard

After meeting at the hut for 0600, we packed up and headed off for a short bus journey oop north. 10 hours later, after following Suicidal Simon the wrong way through Glasgow, we have arrived (glad we had minibuses, not a coach!) with a haggis dinner welcome. Result!

The midges seem to have taken a shine to Sarah, so the rest of us should be fine!

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