3rd Aug

3rd August 2006 by buff

Our coach picked us up at half past midnight and the dash for the border followed by a sprint to Budapest began. We arrived at the airport around 4.30am and immediately crashed out on the main concourse floor for 3-4 hours before check-in opened. Our flight was uneventfull and we landed at Luton around midday (UK time). Our coach was waiting, and before we knew it we were speeding over the Severn bridge.

We said goodbye to our “resident hobo” – honest Steve at Magor and FreeSpirit Explorers at Newport.

A fantastic camp – many thanks Ade and team! Hope to see some of you at Gilwell Reunion (2-3 Sept), Severn Canoe Cruise (7-8 Oct) or at our own Serbian reunion later in the Autumn.

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2nd Aug

2nd August 2006 by richard

Today we took the bus into Subotica – a lovely town. We were welcomed by the Mayors office in the main council chambers of the town hall. We spent a little while exploring their museum before treking to the top of the Clock Tower – the highest building in the town – the view was fantastic – no other building was over 3 stories and every avenue was lined with trees. In the afternoon another beach party got underway with certain members of our party loosing items of clothing!! Most of the leaders sampled a little wine at a local supplier before the final kit packing began.

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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1st Aug

1st August 2006 by richard

Our HoHo (Home Hospitality) hosts are fantastic. We arrived last night to find our tents already up and an evening meal ready to go. Another luxuary was luke-warm showers – up to now they had been cold! After an excelent cooked breakfast, many of us wandered off along the lake front and explored the nearest village – there seems to be more money in the north of the country. The temperatre was in the early 40’s and the humidity was huge – this resulted in a massive beach party all afternoon.

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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31st July

31st July 2006 by richard

The Jamorbee is now over, we said goodbye to our new serbian friends. Then there was the 3 Hour journey to Belgrade. We saw the main Plaza area, fortress, Danubr, embassy’s and NATO bombing! Now heading far up to the north to Subotica for 2 days RnR!

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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30th July

30th July 2006 by richard

Last day on the site today. Heading for Belgrade very early tommorow. Having a massive water fight this afternoon. Everyone has been signing neckers and t-shirts. The closing Ceremony was cut short due to rain.

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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29th July

29th July 2006 by richard

Today was our rest day. Everyone slept in (we got up at 7.30 rather than 6.30) and walked into town. Two hours of furious shopping before a further 2-3 hours at the local swimming pool – where anything goes. We had the formation bombing team in action (narrowly missed wiping out a number of locals), the chuck your mates into the deep end boys, and the girls formation sunbathing squad – a great afternoon.

We then wandered down to the Tower of Skulls (see photos) – this is a poingnant reminder of a massive defeat to the Turks – with the looser ending up with ones heads embedded into a wall (about 952). One quality Macdonalds later and we were back onto the bus for our campsite and the evening entertainment.

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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28th July

28th July 2006 by FreeSpirit

Today was Robinson day – don’t ask me what this refers to! (local nob, mountain etc…who knows!!)

But what a great day – an early start and then treking up a mountain (see photos) – the scenary was stunning. The locals seem to build their houses higher and higher up the slopes until the buildings almost look as though they are about to topple over. The temperature was in the low 40’s and the humidity was massive! Many rests later we made it to the summit – it was well worth it.

A number of our party suffered from the heat and needed assistance down – but the local guides were fantastic and all was well.

The afternoon was spent in a forrest clearing at the bottom of the mouintain – sleeping, abseiling with the Serbian army, building cultural relations with our Greek friends (we challenged them to a Vortex throwing competition).

….and then the fun really began. Our Serbian main man (Contra) asked us to build a fire (no problem there as all Explorers are by default, pyromaniacs – he then produced some of the finest bacon haunches ever seen and began to carve them into slices suitable for cooking – brilliant! Unfortunately for some of the adults, the local spirit (Rajika – a plum brandy) was also flowing (enough said!!!)

We stumbled back to camp around 8ish and were on stage representing Wales in a singing competition by 9… mmmmm

Photos! (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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27th July

27th July 2006 by FreeSpirit

Yesterday evening (wed) finished with some local folk dancing/music followed by a local Serbian rockband-who did the worst redition of Smoke on the Water that I have ever heard – they were so bad – they were funny!

Today was Another hot day. Today we visited the medieval fortress in the centre of Nis. A lovely place where we leant a bit about the city’s turbulant past, the history of radio (see photos), took part in some archery and then visited the Naiz concentration camp – a very morbid place.

In the afternoon, a visit to a quality restarant (Macdonalds!) followed by the ice-cream parlor quickly followed – we then got on the bus home….but it was going the opposite way!!! 2 hours later we finally arrived at our bus stop. Hot and bothered, the entire Unit (+ selected guests (Emily and Jason) decided to have a shower-rave!

The evening becons…

Todays photos reflect the great bonds being forged between all of the Welsh units in our party. (click for full size! Gallery has been edited to show by dates aswell!)

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26th July

26th July 2006 by FreeSpirit

Today was International Day – the morning was spent getting ready for a massive afternoon of cultural exchange – flags were hung everywhere, welsh woggles were made, friendship braceletts were completed, dragons, leeks,and dafs were made to be worn. The afternoon was a furious 4 hous of greeting scouts and local visitors form all over – badges were bought and exchanged – most of the jamboree site sampled a Welsh Cake cooked by our very own Tobi Lerone, faces were painted with dragons, and all guests were sent on their way feeling “Welsh”.

Our display was voted the best on the site!

Later on we are all off for a musical festival

Photos! (Click for full size!)

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25th July

25th July 2006 by FreeSpirit

Today was a general activity day on site with arange of bases – different faiths were explored, an assult course was attempted and traditional scoutcraft was completed – musical instruments were made from branches and natural materials, knott work etc was undertaken.

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