27th July

Yesterday evening (wed) finished with some local folk dancing/music followed by a local Serbian rockband-who did the worst redition of Smoke on the Water that I have ever heard – they were so bad – they were funny!

Today was Another hot day. Today we visited the medieval fortress in the centre of Nis. A lovely place where we leant a bit about the city’s turbulant past, the history of radio (see photos), took part in some archery and then visited the Naiz concentration camp – a very morbid place.

In the afternoon, a visit to a quality restarant (Macdonalds!) followed by the ice-cream parlor quickly followed – we then got on the bus home….but it was going the opposite way!!! 2 hours later we finally arrived at our bus stop. Hot and bothered, the entire Unit (+ selected guests (Emily and Jason) decided to have a shower-rave!

The evening becons…

Todays photos reflect the great bonds being forged between all of the Welsh units in our party. (click for full size! Gallery has been edited to show by dates aswell!)

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