28th July

Today was Robinson day – don’t ask me what this refers to! (local nob, mountain etc…who knows!!)

But what a great day – an early start and then treking up a mountain (see photos) – the scenary was stunning. The locals seem to build their houses higher and higher up the slopes until the buildings almost look as though they are about to topple over. The temperature was in the low 40’s and the humidity was massive! Many rests later we made it to the summit – it was well worth it.

A number of our party suffered from the heat and needed assistance down – but the local guides were fantastic and all was well.

The afternoon was spent in a forrest clearing at the bottom of the mouintain – sleeping, abseiling with the Serbian army, building cultural relations with our Greek friends (we challenged them to a Vortex throwing competition).

….and then the fun really began. Our Serbian main man (Contra) asked us to build a fire (no problem there as all Explorers are by default, pyromaniacs – he then produced some of the finest bacon haunches ever seen and began to carve them into slices suitable for cooking – brilliant! Unfortunately for some of the adults, the local spirit (Rajika – a plum brandy) was also flowing (enough said!!!)

We stumbled back to camp around 8ish and were on stage representing Wales in a singing competition by 9… mmmmm

Photos! (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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