29th July

Today was our rest day. Everyone slept in (we got up at 7.30 rather than 6.30) and walked into town. Two hours of furious shopping before a further 2-3 hours at the local swimming pool – where anything goes. We had the formation bombing team in action (narrowly missed wiping out a number of locals), the chuck your mates into the deep end boys, and the girls formation sunbathing squad – a great afternoon.

We then wandered down to the Tower of Skulls (see photos) – this is a poingnant reminder of a massive defeat to the Turks – with the looser ending up with ones heads embedded into a wall (about 952). One quality Macdonalds later and we were back onto the bus for our campsite and the evening entertainment.

Photos (Click for full size, or see today’s gallery)

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