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12th August 2009 by buff

Folks…we are updating photos all of the time in the main gallery and also in this blog. Please check back regularly…and continue laughing. (I haven’t stopped for 2 days!)

The add comment feature has also been fixed…so please go back and add your wise words (no login details needed).


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Breakfast, Tears and home!

9th August 2009 by buff

The last day came around too soon. For some of us (Buff and the cook team) the day started at 6.30 am (some of us had only gone to bed at 4.15!!!) with cooking of the final full lard breakfast….or was that two breakfasts? Somehow, our Cornish friends had pursuaded us to cook their breakfast to allow them all to be underway and off to the railway station by 9ish. Our magnificent cook team then cooked the FreeSpirit breakfast a little later…

We resaid our tearful goodbyes and suddenly the sub camp was rapidly emptying. The sun kept on getting hotter as tents were dropped and kitchen utensils were stowed away. By early afternoon our van and Buff’s car were packed and we had vacated our pitch. A short walk to the main gate followed to find our coach. Here we met up with our friends from Griffithstown and Gilwern and a massive team photo was taken followed by the journey home.

ist Gilwern, 1st Griffithstown and FreeSpirit
FreeSpirit Summer Camp 09

After a short stop at the services on the M4, we finally pulled into the Stadium car park around 5.30pm. We said our good byes…and headed for home.

Thanks to everyone for making the past week a truely great and enjoyable camp – roll on next year!

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Closing Ceremony :'(

7th August 2009 by buff

Everyone gathered together between St Piran’s and FreeSpirit’s campsites to say thankyous to each other. Vicky, Jo, Heather and Kelly were each presented with love spoons for looking after Jennie at the skating rink. All the girls (and a few of the guys) began to get very tearful at the prospect of leaving as we gathered together for a team Corn-Wales photo.

IMG_1730St Pirans

Everyone paraded (with the Welsh finery, of course) to the Main Circle to “I’ve had the time of my life” from Dirty Dancing, which set off a fair few waterworks again!

When the crowd was fully “warmed up” (by the man no one could hear) we all marched down to the closing ceremony. The runner upof Wings Factor started the show while Sammy stole the show again with his rendition of “when you say nothing at all”.

The closing ceremony closed in spectacular fashion with some amazing fireworks and some great music.


Everyone then retired to Big Bertha to carry on the party right through till around 4am! (with an occasional visit by the thought police (security) who tried to make us go to bed…bless!

Comfortable...not!4.15am Saturday morning...time for bedIMG_1823Young love!

Long lost brothers...and a

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A Mighty Fine Day Out in Windsor (NOT!)

7th August 2009 by buff

Friday morning promised us a short 5 min (more like 25 min) walk to Windsor. This posed a few problems for our less-able member *cough* Jennie *cough*. Aunty Shell took Jodie and Jennie to the Scout Med hospital to see about getting Jennie a wheelchair. They met Mr Sunshine on the way, who gave them a lift in a golf buggy (the injured get all the perks, we mere mortals had to walk :P).
After telling the girls that there wasn’t really anything they could do except re-strap her hands/hand grips, they were offered a ride in the site ambulance back to our camp. The ambulance drove the girls all the way around the one way system, past every subcamp except ours and just past the gates to Windsor, when they were thrown out for a “real emergency”. So, the girls had to walk back to the subcamp, from a place even further away than the hospital. Not impressed.

When they finally got into Windsor (thanks to Buff) Mike joined them and after experiencing the luxuries of flushing toilets and hot water, spent the next hour in Waitrose toilets. No one dared ask what he was doing in there!

nice sign!IMG_1718IMG_1717

Meanwhile, Steve’s group decided to split up to get into Windsor, and after following two different groups of randomers, both ended up in the same place at the same time. Everyone’s first port of call was either Mc Donalds for “real food” or Ben and Jerry’s for “more real food”.


Once everyone lost their groups, and decided that making their way back to camp was the best option, everyone arrived back for a late late lunch. So late, in fact, that it was still being eaten at the start of the drumming workshop!

Nice action Jon!Look,no hands!Where's she got her hand?

Everyone, just about, managed to concentrate throughout the drumming workshop, while trying to stifle giggles as they completely lost the rhythms given to them. We were then taken outside to perform for the Hula hooping group who gave us a private performance to our music. The afternoon was very relaxed owing to the immense heat outside (and inside and anywhere else!).

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A load of hot air…and a Toga Party!

6th August 2009 by buff

Following the antics of earlier…we all stumbled off to the Hot Air Zone. This was an acivity area that was all powered by air – giant slides; assult courses; human table football; bungee stuff; trampolines and the amazing WINGS rodeo! Good times were had by all.

Hot Air magic!Hot Air magic!

The afternoon sae us all in Eureka…this was a science zone and comprised sloar cars; rockets; wind tunnels; the amazing custard run and corn flour explosions but to name a few.

Eureka!Eureka!Walking on custardEureka!

The evening entertainment was a great sub camp toga party…unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball (it drizzled)…but it did not stop the fun!

Toga action!Eloise and BeccyThe Family GibbsSteve,  Jodie JennieJennie and SteveRhys and Big EthTalkative Ben!Nathan, Kieran, TT and Beccy

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6th August 2009 by buff

Following the nights activities both FreeSpirit and St Pirrans regrouped over a cup of tea, breakfast and a laugh. All of the ladies paraded around in our “captured” welsh kit…and then us explorers showed off our final conquest…the ladies knickers!


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Ice Skating, hospitals…and a Lube Attack!

5th August 2009 by buff

A damp start gave way to another glorious day. Our intrepid FreeSpirit Explorers had managed to blag tickets from our kool sub camp staff (for assisting them…earlier in the week) to an ice dome paradise. Slides, fun adventure and skating. A wild time was had by all but unfortunately for 1 explorer…a twist and triple spin ended up being a trip to the local hospital with a sprained ankle! All ok (except for the crutches) our fantastic Jennie joined us a little later..

Iceskating MagicIceskating MagicIceskating Magic

The leader team were based on site and wandered around “the Physical Zone” before Becck G and Michele wandered to the Craft Zone. Osama headed off to Bell sub camp for a coffee with Griff and Gilwern…and Buff had to go to work (only for 2-3 hours).

And then the evening was upon us…

The final of WINGS Factor was a brilliant affair. The best 2 acts from each sub camp were performed again on the big stage. Our kool sub camp (Archimedes) had the gorgeous girls from California doing a hip swinging, eye catching dance and a young scout with an amazing voice. Competition was present form the other sub camps with a great river dance from the young ladies from an Irish unit…but our young scout won the day…proving yet again what a truly brilliant sub camp we are on (and it’s the nearest to the adult bar…always a bonus!)

Following the show the intrepid leaders went back to Bell sub camp for a cheese supper with our friends…but when we came back and hour and a half later…our entire camp had been stripped of all things welsh…our flags, bunting, dragons, banners and sheep…we were totally gob smacked! How had this happened with many of our own explorers on site? It soon transpired (after a serious interrogation) that some of our lads who shall remain nameless (Kieran, Sam, Tobi) had conspired with our new friends (the rangers from St Trinians…real name St Pirrans) and helped them remove all of our kit!

It was war! Team Lube was called for…our special after dark attack team. We decided that removing the rangers entire kitchen and moving it into the middle of the main field was needed. Their gateway was then removed to the loo block and then we wrapped all of their tents in meters of “Buff” tape. The sub camp staff joined us afterwards…and when they had stopped laughing…they joined us for a “spot of tea”…it was now 3.30am!

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5th August 2009 by buff

Many apologies…the add comment function does not seem to be working…we are working to correct this issue!

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Fly Me to the Moon, Adventure and a pair of nickers!

4th August 2009 by buff

Today started with our normal big boy breakfast followed by a 15 minute walk to a nearby Scout campsite. The whole site had been turned into an adventure zone for the jamboree. Following a safety briefing, everyone was left to their own devices – some went straight for the shooting; others the archery..however a massive bouncy slide was the favourite of many! A bungi run (in the wet) completed this activity area.

IMG_1567Kieran and TomIMG_1558

The afternoon saw us all in the Adventure Zone…caving, climbing, bungi runs, water slides and the 4-man ski’s Wings Team Challenge.

IMG_1588Adventure ZoneAdventure ZoneIMG_1598

Then the evenings entertainment started!
Movie night on the main stage was fairly popular…but most of us headed for our sub camp stage and the WINGS Factor…Windsor’s answer to tv’s X factor (and much, much better). Many Units competed with songs, dance or an absolutely fantastic sketch (performed by our new friends (St Trinian’s Rangers) who performed “The Queen’s Knickers”. Our very own Sam and Tobi did a brilliant rendition of Fly Me to the Moon…but the night was stolen by a young Scout with the most amazing voice….Sammy.


The best looking boys on camp…not!


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Party On!

4th August 2009 by buff

Waking up this morning we have one new member. Cerys was invested in a spectacular FreeSpirit fashion on the Acropolis stage with Dafydd and Dewi and two “new” members of our unit ” Michelle and rachael”. with a teary rendition of the Welsh national anthem. We then kicked off the subcamp party.

Cerys's Investiture into FreeSpiritIMG_1506IMG_1493Cerys's Investiture into FreeSpirit


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