Closing Ceremony :'(

Everyone gathered together between St Piran’s and FreeSpirit’s campsites to say thankyous to each other. Vicky, Jo, Heather and Kelly were each presented with love spoons for looking after Jennie at the skating rink. All the girls (and a few of the guys) began to get very tearful at the prospect of leaving as we gathered together for a team Corn-Wales photo.

IMG_1730St Pirans

Everyone paraded (with the Welsh finery, of course) to the Main Circle to “I’ve had the time of my life” from Dirty Dancing, which set off a fair few waterworks again!

When the crowd was fully “warmed up” (by the man no one could hear) we all marched down to the closing ceremony. The runner upof Wings Factor started the show while Sammy stole the show again with his rendition of “when you say nothing at all”.

The closing ceremony closed in spectacular fashion with some amazing fireworks and some great music.


Everyone then retired to Big Bertha to carry on the party right through till around 4am! (with an occasional visit by the thought police (security) who tried to make us go to bed…bless!

Comfortable...not!4.15am Saturday morning...time for bedIMG_1823Young love!

Long lost brothers...and a

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