Breakfast, Tears and home!

The last day came around too soon. For some of us (Buff and the cook team) the day started at 6.30 am (some of us had only gone to bed at 4.15!!!) with cooking of the final full lard breakfast….or was that two breakfasts? Somehow, our Cornish friends had pursuaded us to cook their breakfast to allow them all to be underway and off to the railway station by 9ish. Our magnificent cook team then cooked the FreeSpirit breakfast a little later…

We resaid our tearful goodbyes and suddenly the sub camp was rapidly emptying. The sun kept on getting hotter as tents were dropped and kitchen utensils were stowed away. By early afternoon our van and Buff’s car were packed and we had vacated our pitch. A short walk to the main gate followed to find our coach. Here we met up with our friends from Griffithstown and Gilwern and a massive team photo was taken followed by the journey home.

ist Gilwern, 1st Griffithstown and FreeSpirit
FreeSpirit Summer Camp 09

After a short stop at the services on the M4, we finally pulled into the Stadium car park around 5.30pm. We said our good byes…and headed for home.

Thanks to everyone for making the past week a truely great and enjoyable camp – roll on next year!

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  1. Aunty Liz says:

    Thank you for Breakfast from us all.