Fly Me to the Moon, Adventure and a pair of nickers!

Today started with our normal big boy breakfast followed by a 15 minute walk to a nearby Scout campsite. The whole site had been turned into an adventure zone for the jamboree. Following a safety briefing, everyone was left to their own devices – some went straight for the shooting; others the archery..however a massive bouncy slide was the favourite of many! A bungi run (in the wet) completed this activity area.

IMG_1567Kieran and TomIMG_1558

The afternoon saw us all in the Adventure Zone…caving, climbing, bungi runs, water slides and the 4-man ski’s Wings Team Challenge.

IMG_1588Adventure ZoneAdventure ZoneIMG_1598

Then the evenings entertainment started!
Movie night on the main stage was fairly popular…but most of us headed for our sub camp stage and the WINGS Factor…Windsor’s answer to tv’s X factor (and much, much better). Many Units competed with songs, dance or an absolutely fantastic sketch (performed by our new friends (St Trinian’s Rangers) who performed “The Queen’s Knickers”. Our very own Sam and Tobi did a brilliant rendition of Fly Me to the Moon…but the night was stolen by a young Scout with the most amazing voice….Sammy.


The best looking boys on camp…not!


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1 Response to Fly Me to the Moon, Adventure and a pair of nickers!

  1. tobi says:

    we so should have won wings factor, our fly me to the moon was brilliant