Ice Skating, hospitals…and a Lube Attack!

A damp start gave way to another glorious day. Our intrepid FreeSpirit Explorers had managed to blag tickets from our kool sub camp staff (for assisting them…earlier in the week) to an ice dome paradise. Slides, fun adventure and skating. A wild time was had by all but unfortunately for 1 explorer…a twist and triple spin ended up being a trip to the local hospital with a sprained ankle! All ok (except for the crutches) our fantastic Jennie joined us a little later..

Iceskating MagicIceskating MagicIceskating Magic

The leader team were based on site and wandered around “the Physical Zone” before Becck G and Michele wandered to the Craft Zone. Osama headed off to Bell sub camp for a coffee with Griff and Gilwern…and Buff had to go to work (only for 2-3 hours).

And then the evening was upon us…

The final of WINGS Factor was a brilliant affair. The best 2 acts from each sub camp were performed again on the big stage. Our kool sub camp (Archimedes) had the gorgeous girls from California doing a hip swinging, eye catching dance and a young scout with an amazing voice. Competition was present form the other sub camps with a great river dance from the young ladies from an Irish unit…but our young scout won the day…proving yet again what a truly brilliant sub camp we are on (and it’s the nearest to the adult bar…always a bonus!)

Following the show the intrepid leaders went back to Bell sub camp for a cheese supper with our friends…but when we came back and hour and a half later…our entire camp had been stripped of all things welsh…our flags, bunting, dragons, banners and sheep…we were totally gob smacked! How had this happened with many of our own explorers on site? It soon transpired (after a serious interrogation) that some of our lads who shall remain nameless (Kieran, Sam, Tobi) had conspired with our new friends (the rangers from St Trinians…real name St Pirrans) and helped them remove all of our kit!

It was war! Team Lube was called for…our special after dark attack team. We decided that removing the rangers entire kitchen and moving it into the middle of the main field was needed. Their gateway was then removed to the loo block and then we wrapped all of their tents in meters of “Buff” tape. The sub camp staff joined us afterwards…and when they had stopped laughing…they joined us for a “spot of tea”…it was now 3.30am!

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4 Responses to Ice Skating, hospitals…and a Lube Attack!

  1. sam says:

    you always said kierran was very helpfull lol

  2. Sianed says:

    You should of known better than leaving the 3 amigoes with the promise of FOOD

  3. tobi says:

    I do love my food i do 🙂

  4. Aunty Liz says:

    It was not that difficult to convince the lads and ladets to be double agents and work for us next door. Sending bacon sandwiches in the post.