A Mighty Fine Day Out in Windsor (NOT!)

Friday morning promised us a short 5 min (more like 25 min) walk to Windsor. This posed a few problems for our less-able member *cough* Jennie *cough*. Aunty Shell took Jodie and Jennie to the Scout Med hospital to see about getting Jennie a wheelchair. They met Mr Sunshine on the way, who gave them a lift in a golf buggy (the injured get all the perks, we mere mortals had to walk :P).
After telling the girls that there wasn’t really anything they could do except re-strap her hands/hand grips, they were offered a ride in the site ambulance back to our camp. The ambulance drove the girls all the way around the one way system, past every subcamp except ours and just past the gates to Windsor, when they were thrown out for a “real emergency”. So, the girls had to walk back to the subcamp, from a place even further away than the hospital. Not impressed.

When they finally got into Windsor (thanks to Buff) Mike joined them and after experiencing the luxuries of flushing toilets and hot water, spent the next hour in Waitrose toilets. No one dared ask what he was doing in there!

nice sign!IMG_1718IMG_1717

Meanwhile, Steve’s group decided to split up to get into Windsor, and after following two different groups of randomers, both ended up in the same place at the same time. Everyone’s first port of call was either Mc Donalds for “real food” or Ben and Jerry’s for “more real food”.


Once everyone lost their groups, and decided that making their way back to camp was the best option, everyone arrived back for a late late lunch. So late, in fact, that it was still being eaten at the start of the drumming workshop!

Nice action Jon!Look,no hands!Where's she got her hand?

Everyone, just about, managed to concentrate throughout the drumming workshop, while trying to stifle giggles as they completely lost the rhythms given to them. We were then taken outside to perform for the Hula hooping group who gave us a private performance to our music. The afternoon was very relaxed owing to the immense heat outside (and inside and anywhere else!).

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