GDV (Global Development Village) Espionage!

3rd August 2009 by buff

After lunch we headed up to our afternoon activity of Global Development. Topical issues and a lot of fun! Jodie and Laura headed off straight to an activity tent where instead of learning they had fun riding around in wheel chairs! Which they thought was extreamly amusing!
But they also learnt took part in more educational activities, such as learning what it is like to be deaf (by using artificial means (not listening to Jodie playing the guitar!)) which also gave them the opportunity to learn sign language as a result!

Global Development Zone

7 other members of the unit however, found more amusing things to do instead of the G.D.V…
during the G.D.V, 7 explorers (who are training to be spies within the Scouting association) which can not be named for I.D protection reasons , committed the greatest escape in scouting’s 102 year history!

They tried to escape the G.D.V area via a direct method (through the front gate) but returned to the area by unit leaders.
The second attempt was the successful attempt. They started the operation by taking shelter in a vacant Tipi, where they played several games of noughts and crosses in order to lay low for a while until the heat was off.
But suddenly the Tipi was invaded by non-friendly personal, two of the spies quickly escaped through the back. After the team rejoined, they nearly gave up hope and nearly took part in the activities, when luck struck…
A leader approached them asking if they had lost a I.D badge, when they saw the I.D they looked at it and knew exactly where it had came from and offered to take it back to the sub camp office. Their ticket for freedom.
They took the I.D to the office and then took refuge in the sub camp cafe this was where they had a nice ice cold beverage and put their feet up and relaxed. They thought it was over, they thought they were safe; but then disaster struck…

Osama Bin Mike walked in to the cafe, he nearly caught eye on the escapees (which would have led to a punishment for missing the activities) but the brave and quick spies ducked underneath a table, praying that he did not see them…
Lucky for them, he didn’t.
After he left they resumed drinking their drinks and then finaly retuned to their camp site when they knew that the activity would be over.
And that is the tale of the 7 spies of FreeSpirit ESU.


Check out the main gallery for many more photos.

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Early Morning Antics!

3rd August 2009 by buff

Everyone was up at the crack of dawn (6ish :P) to start preparing for a morning of water activities. judging by how wet some people came back, it was thoroughly enjoyed. Jennie was “sexually assaulted” by a “perverted” spider (i’m not sure i want to know). Ethan nearly made contact with a “genuinely huge spider” which we thought was a good description from a hysteric arachnophobic. Plenty of espionage took place on the water from soaking people in nearby boats or in some cases trying to capsize boats!

Illness Report (sort of)


Jodie was complaining of a blocked nose so she decided to go to the camp hospital where she was approached by a “lunatic” nurse who proceeded to check her temperature in both ears (which happened to measure at the same temperature). After lots of weird and pointless examinations she came to the (obvious) conclusion that all Jodie had, was indeed, a blocked nose. For her cure, she prescribed Vicks on a stick for Jodie to inhale.

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International Jet Setters

3rd August 2009 by buff

Monday evening.
Wales is quite obviously a sought after international jet setting country and its Scouts are keenly needed to attend prestigious functions…and so it was tonight. 1 leader and 1 Explorer were invited to attend a special international meet and greet function at the Legoland Hotel. Emily (aka Moosey Moo) and Nathan (aka Nathan) were whisked away and enjoyed an evening of fine food, wines and conversation with all of the overseas scouter’s. We presented our Welsh Dragons to all and friendships were made.

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Footy and “a spot of tea”

2nd August 2009 by buff

Sunday evening involved many of the Unit taking part in a “five-a-side” footy competition – Eloise lead the team from the front and in a magnificent match managed to loose in dramatic fashion…4-1!
On the main stage, 2 cover bands were playing…the first was ok but the second band was pretty good…the leaders meanwhile…struggled over to the adult Hub and enjoyed “a spot of tea”…

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Irish Totty!

2nd August 2009 by buff

Around midnight Sunday night, some of the units Femme Fatales were being chatted up by so “gorgeous” Irish Boys (in jennies opinion anyway!). They sent the three girls into a flirtatious mood. Laura and Jodie were left speechless after the “Big Friendly Giant” of Ireland left them in a sense of awe and jealousy over his height (Jodie being 5ft, and Irish Boy (as he came to be known) around 6ft 4″). His height didn’t deter Jennie whatsoever! She continued flirting with Irish Boy until she was ordered to go to bed (which was a relief for everyone around seeing as Jennie isn’t the unit’s quietest member!).

Jodie and Laura soon found their voices when they decided to keep the unit awake for another hour with a gripping (but noisy) game of torch tag. from what unit members have said, Jodie managed to nab the winner’s title!

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Lederhosen Galore!!

2nd August 2009 by buff

Sunday: Today we once again showed our Welsh presence on camp. Dressed head to toe in Welsh flags, we manned bases and toured the subcamp hoping to show the English who’s best!

One of our two noodle minors, along with Steve and Laura painted everyone’s faces with flags and WRU symbols. Jennie and Becky toured the subcamps with business cards and Welsh cakes (courtesy of Spencer’s mum) directing people back to our base. On her travels, a young man in lederhosen caught Jennie’s eye and after visiting his display table, she got more business cards and went back for a bit more eye candy!


Tom and Steve took part in a pint chugging competition (water of course!). Tom came in with a very respectable 6 seconds, while Steve set a new FreeSpirit record of 5 and a half seconds.

Tobi, Sam, Dave, Tom and Rhys taught touch rugby to anyone who wanted to know (and those who didn’t) and got hammered by the Irish. Meanwhile, Becki, Jon and Nathan manned our Welsh cake stand. Rhona and Michelle made a million and one friendship bracelets, and Keirran (Myfanwy for the day) manned the swap shop and necker shop.


Buff and Mike dressed up as Dewi and Dafydd, the friendly Welsh dragons. They were accosted by nearly every girl on site for pictures and hugs (lucky guys!).


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Sun Glorious Sun

2nd August 2009 by buff

This morning was off to a much better start with blues skies all around- much better. Many of our sheep were “taken” during the night and we will miss them but we’re glad they’re having a good time with their new units and hopefully we’ll get lots of pictures. After a standard Lard breakfast we cracked on with subcamp activities including making pin badges with our new Cornish friends Beth and Becks.

This afternoon we should get to crack open the face paints and Welsh cakes and paint or feed anything that stands still for too long! Looking forward to making our mark on as many people as possible! We’ll update again this evening 🙂

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The Great Welsh Takeover!

2nd August 2009 by buff

After getting off to a good start with everyone on the bus (except Steven, but we’ll excuse the birthday boy!) we managed to avoid the rain and get Big Bertha up before the 10 minute torrential downpour. Our area was promptly decorated with 8 wooden sheep, 2 giant daffodils, 3 blow up dragons and around 500m of welsh bunting.


Jennie made friends with 3 English Scouts who asked if we liked Haggis! Once she hastily confirmed that we’re not in fact Scottish, she told them about her new Saturday job down the Noodle Mine. According to Jennie she earns £2.50 an hour because every thing’s so much cheaper in Wales (!).
3 brave Explorers tried to build our kitchen sink (we came prepared like all good scouts) with numerous cries of “It’s not even!” and “Just one more noodle!”. Apparently a noodle is a measurement to be used when you cant think of anything else.


Everyone got dressed up to the nines in their Welsh finery and we paraded to the subcamp base where we made our Welsh presence known – the biggest, the loudest and the brightest. However, the main WINGS opening ceremony was a bit of a let-down so we retired to Big Bertha for birthday cake and cheese and biccies.

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And we’re off!

1st August 2009 by buff

It’s here. The day has arrived…and what a day! Not the sunny sky that we are used to, but we are quietly hopeful that glorious sun and soaring temperatures will catch up with us as we are travelling down the M4 to that foreign country!

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WINGS Arrival Zone

29th July 2009 by buff

Parents, siblings and other interested people. If you follow the link below, it will take you to the main WINGS site. Click on the Unit Arrival Status Board link (on the right). Scroll down to entry 1794 and if the colour is green – we have arrived safely!

Enjoy our camp blog over the coming week!

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