Friday – Our trip to Oxford

Today (Friday) we got woken up by the crashing of two pans by Buff – we weren’t pleased!. For breakfast we ate pancakes and waffles, then the race against time to set off to oxford for the day had started. We all boarded the bus half asleep, along with a lunch bags. We arrived in oxford and headed straight to shop mobility for a wheel chair. Guess who for? ……………………………………….. No it wasn’t Jennie ( also called Fallieover  by Amy) it was Gareth due to yesterday’s antics . With Gareth in a wheelchair we pushed him off to the city of Oxford for a bit of sightseeing (which we and  the leaders did) and some shopping! After raiding many shops, Luke and Steve decided to go ice skating at oxford ice skating rink. Steven and  Luke took to the ice very well until Luke fell over knocking a stranger down with him too and sliced the persons thumb (it’s okay Luke wasn’t hurt!) We met the others back at the minibuses and travelled back to the shack with a stop at Sainsburys for food and plasters for our feet!

By Steve H

Youlbury 2010 - Crippled Gary  Youlbury 2010 - Crippled Gary

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