Thursday / Friday – Captains Blog Revisited (which has got to better than captains breakfast revisited….)

So what’s been happening in camp land (not Graham Norton dudes!)?

Thursday started with the Explorers team building (are these guys not teamy??), well they certainly seemed to be happy and having fun and not too noisy (tiredness is gonna get ya soon…) but more on teams later…

Well yesterday we witnessed our ever silent, ever obedient, ever inquisitive (no really inquisitive- Jenny look it up on Google!), ever amusing Explorers throwing themselves off the Zip Wire into the valley of foliage. Lauren, Buff and Bomb Sqd and Frodo saw it inverted, some saw it through terror, and some with an air of nonchalance.  It has to be said some rather worried souls really loved it (Eloise and Amy take a bow 😉 ).

Osama, Buff and Myself got our toenails painted in unit colours on Wed PM, great, groovy and mad. Er one small problem….. I went to the CO-OP with my sandals on… in the queue, lady in front….make polite conversation and she glares down at my feet…. Shop temp shoots up + 3 0C due to the glow from my face.

I mentioned teamy…. Well the young adults were challenged to a game of rugby by an English Explorer unit. The leaders pondered, this could be interesting?

I’ll let Buff fill you all in on the detail as the Referee, but FreeSpirit gave em hell J.

Notable mentions to:

John – you touch, you die.

Eloise – really, you think girls cant tackle? PAFF.

Luke – see my smoke trail slow boy?

Rhys G – airborne before tackle, I’ll get you on the landing run…!

Gareth – get off my ankle fatty!

Ethan – got ball, slam, er which way dude???

“Stunt” Ferodo – Bang! Tweet, tweet, tweet, I may have bounced 6 feet but Im not still scared of you you big ginger Jessie.

As the campfire glowed into the eve, the guys swapped stories, sing songs, gossip and little white lies… and isn’t that what it’s all about? 😉

TT’s west wing accommodation block is complete….. mighty fine it is too!

Off to Oxford Friday morning shopping…… various purchases and we got them all back!

Notable mention to Shopmobility who were stars and lent Gareth some wheels to assist his rather puffy ankle to join in the fun… ever seen a wheelchair cover 247 miles in 4.5 hrs!!!!!!!

Leaders met some interesting characters in Oxford

Any one seen Zakk? “ Yeah eeez fram ssowff London, eeezz an Explorwaaa, ya mussst  no my Zaaaak, always in Whales cliihminn”.

 Oh and we met “Chumly Warner” over lunch, interesting gentleman, Historian… and Im trying to be polite! L

Peace out… Rhys out – Bomb Squad – the nutter attractor! J


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  1. ken says:

    gareth does that mean me and mum can have a disability badge for the car, lol