Saturday – We’re Here!

Yo everyone…the intrepid FreeSpirit Explorers crossed the bridge and ventured into “that English place”. We roared down the M4 at a blistering 60mph, dodged the speed cameras on the A420 between Swindon and Oxford and arrived at Youlbury National Scout Site around 3.30. We suitably attired our bunkhouse with 10 Welsh flags, our unit flag, two daffodils and 100m of Welsh flag bunting…the locals now know that we have arrived!

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

A fantastic curry is now settling in our tummies and we are into a chill out evening…the sound system is rigged and the card school is underway.

…a full day of activities await us tomorrow – the 3 G Swing, the Sky Trek, but to name a few.

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3 Responses to Saturday – We’re Here!

  1. Em S says:

    Well welcome to England! Where the sun always shines (well, mostly), the people are friendly (if gang members are your thing), and you dont have to pay to visit us 🙂

    I think you have the right idea in shutting up Jen, let the locals become acustomed to FreeSpirit before you let her loose, good plan!
    I’m glad to hear Jen has started this camp as she means to go on, burning here hand . . .duh! If the next incident ( which is bound to happen soon) requires an ambulance please don’t phone us until a reasonable time of day!

    Curry for tea. . .hmm. . .unlucky campers, yr gonna have stinky rooms in the morning 😉

    Oh, and Stephen H. . .PUT YR UNIFORM ON!scruff bag! lol! 😛

    Have fun!

  2. Amanda says:

    Stephen and Gareth
    bet your legs look sexy now you have both had your legs waxed, hope there are plenty of photos.

    Have a great time. Mum and Dad

  3. jennie says:

    oh god, emma….i didnt break anything, just swallowed a number of differet things including
    – gravel
    -salty coke

    just because i fell over once doenst mean i will always be clumsy 😉 lmao