Monday – Stilts, juggling balls and a Won Ton Ton

The weather remained kind to us as we moved into a more relaxed day following the high octane activities yesterday. The day started with the girls plus Dave, Frodo and Steve cooking us a standard FreeSpirit big boy full lard breakfast….in their PJ’s and Frodo was introduced to the concept of placing more than 1 piece of bacon into a frying pan at the same time!

Stewart, a good friend of Rosie n Jim, then kindly agreed to spend the day running a series of circus skill workshops. Stilt walking, plate twirling, juggling balls and sticks and a unicycle were all tried to varying degrees of success! Alongside the circus skills, Rhys ran a pioneering base that resulted in the Unit building a series of tripods that tested their knotting and lashing skills…over the day, this structure migrated towards each other and eventually combined to form a platform.  Many of the Unit members then decided to sleep out on the platform – thereby gaining their Dragon Award for camping five feet above the ground!

As the afternoon drew to a close, Rosie n Rich ran a Chinese food base in line with our   daily camp theme. The entire Unit learned how to make spring rolls and Wonton . (Any programme that involves food generally goes down well with Explorers!)

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

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3 Responses to Monday – Stilts, juggling balls and a Won Ton Ton

  1. Cerys says:

    Sounds like your all having a very full and fun time. Which Ben was sick ?

  2. Stewart says:

    Hey there,

    Was a pleasure to meet all you guys. I really enjoyed my day.

    Thanks for having me there and for making me feel so welcome!

    I hope the rest of your camp goes well,

  3. menna says:

    well done frodo roll on scotland next week breakfast at 8 am ok mum x